WOMF // Make-Over Time!

A couple of weeks ago I – probably – had the most relaxing one yet while I’ve been in Ho Chi Minh City – it was much needed! Sunday was one of those days where I did AB-SO-LUTLY nothing! Well, that’s not completely true – I catched up on Suits, Nashville and How I Met Your Mother. Yes, I know it’s much overdue with HIMYM! Another thing I had time for was taking some blog picture while the gorgeous sun was shinning! You can see one of the gorgeous pictures here

As far as the weekend before this – well, we went clubbing! All of the girls met up in our apartment and we got dressed, put on makeup and drank yummy white wine. Some of the girls needed a little pick-me-up makeup and I had talked one of the girls into doing a little makeover on her. Yaaay, the night just got a whole lot more exciting! 

Lynn is an international pattern design student at TEKO and says that her whole class are very neutral girls who doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis – or not at all. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I also have my days where I don’t wear makeup. But as a makeup obsessed person I thought it would be fun to see her with a little makeup on for once and since we where going out, the timing was perfect. 

The bits I used are pictured above. Two things I would say, is that we changed the lip colour to Rimmel London Apocalips in Big Bang later that evening and messy-curled her hair with my Remington Straightener. Look at how lovely she looks! She has beautiful green eyes and a lovely smile – don’t you think? 

Lots of love – from Vietnam
Marie-Louise <3 

WOMF // Blushing Rose

I kind of love the star of the show in this WOMF – Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP. I’ve done a full review on this over on Beauty&Baker Blog if you fancy seeing swatches and the gorgeous packaging. The other little gem is my first ever eyeshadow from MAC. I just shopped my stash with this one as I’d totally forgotten about it. It is the gorgeous De-Vil from MAC Cruella de Vill collection 3 years ago. I love to blend this in the crease, it gives a pretty copper-y finish. It works great for both an everyday look, but also a dark evening look.

For the cheeks I used my well loved e.l.f. Blush in Blushing Rose which is a berry colour with golden shimmer. This is one of my favourites autumnal blushes. To look a bit more awake and bronzed I used some of The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in 03 – as you can see it’s well loved! 😉 Lastly my favourite of favourites mascara! Let me introduce you to Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express, a mascara that you probably already know of but I just love it! It makes my lashes look WOW! Might do a review with before and after pictures if you fancy one? 

How do you like this WOMF? & if you’ve come all the way from Beauty&Baker Blog what did you think of the review? 

A cheeky little PS – excuse my cray cray hair! Have no idea what’s up with it

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

WOMF // Toasted eyes, bright lip

Hi lovely! Hope you had a nice weekend? I started my new job, relaxed and went out with some friends Saturday – all in all a good one! Friday I posted a lippy post about my love for bright red lips and loads of you really loved the look of the ELF Matte Color Lip in Rich Red – which is more red in real life – so I thought I would create a WOMF for you where I use it. As I said in the post (Link here) I would post some wearing-the-lippy-pictures so here we go! 

I was of from school today so I had a HUGE practical list that needed to be done but I am one of those people who can’t just get out of bed and wash the laundry – I have to get ready first! So even though it was a perfect no makeup kind of day I created a simple everyday look with a bright lip. 

I have already been food shopping, done the laundry and taken some blog post pictures so on this little break I am writing this post. I wanted the base to stay put all day so I used my Garnier BB Cream as a primer and topped it with ELF Flawless Finish Foundation in Sand – which by the way has a beautiful bottle – to get the perfect medium coverage base. The eyes are kept simple by only using ELF Baked Eyeshadow in Toasted, a bit of my Make Up Store Eyeliner and a mascara, of course, here I am trying out the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Show Off

I have always had some kind of complex with my brows but I am actually kind of liking them at the moment. So they needed some bold-ness and colour. The ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium is kind of dark but I find it works OK. For cheeks I used the ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream in St. Lucia. Now, I thought I ordered the powder duo – the suppose NARS dupe – but no, I apparently ordered the cream one and the Blush is actually beautiful. To set it all I used ELF Makeup Mist & Set which I have to get use to using. 

All in all a quite ELF-y kind of day as I bought some last month which arrived last week – Haul will be up soon 😉 

What do you think of the look? Are you liking the red lip? 

Lots of love
Marie-Louise x

WOMF // The ELF Look

Hi lovelies! How you doin’? *Joey voice* As I mentioned in my latest post – I am off from school for the next 7 days – yaaay! So I decided to go home and visit my parents and siblings. Ended up going to a girls-night-out on Saturday and it was so much FUN. Sunday was a hungover kind of day and yesterday I decided to visit my sister. We shopped, we ate and we facemask’d 🙂

Everytime I have visited my sister she has become the lucky winner of being featured here on ze blog. Last time I showed you a little sister-goes-shopping-haul, if you fancy a peek at that here is the LINK. This time she was a victim of my crazy makeup love. We were talking a bit about makeup and skincare and one of the brands she is obsessed with at the moment is ELF Cosmetics *agreed nod from me*. I love their selection of makeup, brushes and skincare bits and the prices… well they are just wowsa cheap

We decided to try and create a look with only ELF products, but none of us own a foundation from the brand and I didn’t bring my ELF Mascara so the look is an Almost ELF Makeup Look. My sissy loves her Baked Eyeshadow in Pixie and may I just say that this is a beautiful beautiful colour, easy to work with and sooo pigmented. I will be doing a review on the baked eyeshadow I just purchased! She also loves her ELF Little Black Beauty Book (Cool Edition) So we had a little play with those pretty purples under the lower lash line to emphasise her beautiful brown eyes!

As she is working in a kindergarden and is surrounded with nosy kids all day we kept her lips and cheeks very natural with the ELF Lip Balm in Rose and ELF Blush in Blushing Rose. Their blushes are amazing and I have a review on one HERE.
What do you think about the look? What is your favourite ELF product, if you have tried any? 
Lots of love
Marie-Louise x

Sunday Catch up // Guest blogging

Hi ladies! I have been a busy bee this last week. Monday I started school and my 5th semester, I had some bike trouble which took a lot of my time and patience and this Friday and Saturday I helped my mother with the preparations for her 50th birthday which we celebrated Saturday night, so I have had a lot going on. Therefore there haven’t been a lot of activity on here – sorry about that! Will try and do some scheduled posts as I LOVE writing them 🙂 
As a little consolation and some mlhauken reading I wanted to let you know that I have done three guest blog posts lately! The first one was a What’s On My Face which I did over on Beausmaquillagex. Go and take a peek and see which products I have been using on a everyday basis lately 🙂 Do leave me a comment on the post if you liked it. My second guest post I did was for Lipgloss&Lashes, which is one of my all time fave blogs. I have been reading Becky’s blog since the beginning. We started around the same time and she has already been norminated for the Cosmopolitan Awards – how amazing is that!? But let’s stick to the point of this post 🙂 I did a The Body Shop Collection Part 1 on her blogPart 2 will be up later this week, I promise 🙂 It was one of the popular posts on her blog, so do take a peek and let me know what you think. The last but also the first guest post I did was on Dippy Writes. Here I did a Nail Obesession posts on the Maxfacfor Glossfinity varnishes. I have done one on my blog before on the L’Oréal Color Riche here

If you clicked over and read the posts, liked them and was wondering if I would do a post for you or vice versa then please do contact me – either via twitter or just here on this post 🙂 Hope you liked this little Sunday post catch up – now I going to watch Something Borrowed under the covers 🙂  
Thanks so much for reading guys! Hope you have had a lovely day 🙂 xx

Lots of love 


WOMF // Let’s go to the beach..

Hi, lovelies! Hope you’re having a great summer, so far. Right now I’ve taken some weeks at home with my parents, sister and brother – and of course my childhood friends. Today I’ve been at my sister’s – while the guys talk Tour de France and computer games, we went shopping for my sister. She wanted my opinion on which beauty stuff she should buy, since she had a voucher. Yay, it was so much fun given her advise and talking beauty with her. I will be posting a little haul with the things she got. 

As I was leaving the house today I felt like wearing make up. So in this occasion I wanted to do a What On My Face post for you guys.

Lately I’ve been using my Garnier BB cream a lot so wanted to use something different for today. Therefore I decided to use my beloved Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation. I just buff it in with my Real Techniques Buffing brush – Oh the love I have for that brush! I then went to do my eyes. I’ve loving my old Rimmel London Glameyes Eyeshadow in 030 Smokey Quartz. It’s such a great colour for when you just want to apply one colour, here I used my MAC 217 brush, which I need one or two more in my life, or if any of you know a good dupe? Let me know in the comments 🙂 I’ve rediscovered my L’Oréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss which is SO easy to work with. It’s a quite big brush with is perfect for when I just want to apply it on the outer part of the lid. To look more awake I used my Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude. This is probably the best nude eyeliner I’ve tried – love it.  For mascaras, yes in plural, I used Clinique Buttom Lash Mascara, which I bought after reading loads of blog reviews. I just love it, it stays put and I don’t find it all over my face at the end of the day. For my upper lashes I used my Rimmel London (again) Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara which I did a review on here. Lastly for my inner corners I used L’Oréal Color Infailliable in 002 Hourglass Beige, so give my eyes a more awake, open look.

For cheeks, I’ve been obsessed with my Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Dixie and Gleam in Aurora for highligting. The cream blusher gives a natural, dewy look, which I love – and the colour is just gorgeous. For the Gleam – all I have to say is you need it in your collection! My lippies are in a natural pink from Rimmel London Apocalips in Celestial – love this for an everyday colour.

This was my WOMF. Did you wear any make up today or did you just have one of those days with a natural face? What is your go-to eye look in the summer? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Have a lovely summery day, thanks for reading <3 

Love Marie-Louise

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My Face is Wearing #1

Today I wore, still am wearing, some of the new products that I bought last friday. I didn’t wanna over do it, so I went with no foundation today. This girl have to get use to wearing it. Though, I wore it saturday and feels really nice!

It was a normal school day today, baah, but it’s also monday. Mondays are always the worst day of the week so I wanted to spice it up a bit with a red lip. This Rimmel 1000 kisses is so easy to apply and I love this colour – 500 Unstoppable Red. Since I was wearing a bold lip, I kept my eyes in the neutrals by using light brown colours from the Maybelline Eyestudio pallet in 05 Glamour Browns, which I bought ages ago. As a primer I used the eyeprimer from Make up Store which is lovely and make my eyeshadow stay on. I used two mascaras – one for the top eyelashes and one for the bottom. For the top lashes I used Maxfactor Eye Brightening Tonal Black Volumising Mascara for brown eyes – I love the wand on this one even though I don’t feel that it’s eye brightening, as the name says. For the bottom lashes I used the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, this has a tiny tiny wand that is perfect for the bottom lashes. Last but not least, for the cheeks I was wearing my new Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in 020 Pink Rose, a subtle neutral colour.

Bold lip with a simpel eye!

What do you guys think? And what was your face wearing to day? Tell me in the comments below 😉

Thanks for reading and following
Marie-Louise x

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