Vietnam Travels // Paradise here we come!

Everyone at the pool! 
Oh you know, just relaxing with a coconut – as you do! 

Just one of the 100’s of my food-pictures!
 Fresh fish market in the morning! 
OK, so where did we leave things of the last time? Oh yeah! I’m going to make you a tiny bit jealoux with pictures of a little place called Long Hai Beach aka Paradise. We were recommended to go here by our Vietnamese teacher as she new it wouldn’t be packed with tourists which meant we would have the whole resort for ourselves. On the other hand this also meant that they weren’t use to tourists and did not speak or understand English that well. Que the creativity and sign language! We had fun though, we had a little coconut accident – short story, we ordered 3 and got 7. haha

We wanted to go to a beach and chil-lax before the whole school-and-the-internship-race began as that would mean ‘no more free time’! I think this post is going to be a short and sweet one, as a picture says more than words, right? 

I would definitely recommend going to Long Hai Beach, it is a little 4-hour drive but it’s worth it. It’s beautiful and the food is incredible! Incredible! I liked fish before, now I love it! Yum, yum. 

Have you been to Long Hai Beach? Are you liking these Travel posts?
Do let me know in the comments <3 

Lot of love – from Vietnam
Marie-Louise xx

B-day Wish List // The One With The Beauty Bits

B-day Wish List // The One With The Beauty Bits
Do you know what day it is!? You probably know it, if you have been reading my 2 last posts (here and here) It’s my birthday! Yay! I hope you are having a great week so far? I am having my last interning-day at Triumph in Vietnam both sad but also happy as this means last days of free-time in Ho Chi Minh City before heading home Sunday evening. By then I have been here for 3 months – a great 3 months it has been I might say. I have a Vietnam Travels Series (new one will be up Friday) if you feel like taking a read. 

I am working all day today, but tonight.. Tonight we’re going to the best Mexican place in Ho Chi Minh City and I am so excited – hopefully we will be drinking cocktails at the highest building afterwards! 
But now to the wish list. I wanted to share my some beauty wish bits. Don’t worry, this isn’t the whole list but it would have been too huge of a post otherwise! Skincare is the first category. I really want to get more into skin care and these products are ones that I have been hearing loads about – Especially the Emma Hardie Amazing face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moriga Cleansing Balm – wowza a name! 

Make up wise I am so in love in the Lorac Pro palette! I kind of really need it in my life – as if I need more eyeshadows! Two other make up bits are two Nars products; The Radient Creamy Concealer and The Sheer Glow Foundation. I haven’t lost my Nars-virginity, these are definitely on the top picks! 

Next is the Brush Corner! I don’t really need a bunch of new brushes – or do I? Well, I really want to try Sigma brushes (yes I know, slaps her wrist). Zoeva brushes are brushes I hear a lot about in the whole youtube/blogger community. This set is just gorgeous. It’s from the Rose Gold Collection and I need them. 

Lastly, the hair! I have been on the hunt for the perfect heat protecting spray. This Bumble & Bumble Does It All Styling Spray is both heat protecting but also styling – as the name nicely informs you. The Moroccan Oil is something you NEED in your life and mine is totally empty. 

Do let me know if you have tried any of these products! I would love to know if they’re any good! 

Have a lovely day! <3

Lot of love
Marie-Louise xx

A little PS for my mom: Some of these products have links from & *hint, hint*