Monthly favorites: February 2013

February has, almost, passed and we all know what that means – Spring is just around the corner! Yay for sun and warmth.
Here are some of the products that I’ve reached out for the most this month.

COMWELL SPA*LOSOPHY cleansing face and body foam: I’ve already dedicated a post to this product. It has really worked wunders on my skin. You can find the blogpost here. It’s perfect for my skin and it’s not drying my face out. Maybe I should try it on my body too? That’s an idea.

LUSH MINT JULIPS Lip Scrub: This lip scrub is amazing! I use it about every other day and my lips gets so soft afterwards and your lipstick applies much prettier. You can get these lip scrubs in various of flavours – this one is Mint Chocolate flavored, yummy! The scrubs are fresh made out of sugar which means that you lick the scrub of after you’ve buffed away! You can buy the lip scrub here, or just take a peek at some of LUSH’s other products.

NUXE Hand and nail cream: I have a blogpost for this hand cream here. It is an amazing cream. This hand cream raised the standards for hand cream.

MAC Dare You lipstick: This is the lipstick that I’ve reached for the most this month. I love how you can bulid it from an everyday colour to a nice burgundy colour for night. I have a whole post on this on this lovely lipstick here. I Dare You to click it.

CHOLÉ Eau de Parfum 75 ml: I first smelt this scent when I was in Shanghai last year. One of the girls I was traveling with had purchased it and I fell for this smel. I’m really bad at describing scent, so this is what I found: This fresh, smooth floral fragrance evokes sublime powedery rose. This effect is chich, comfortable and entirely addictive – I would have to agree! It is fresh and addictive.

MAKE UP STORE Seashell Blush: I don’t own a lot of blushes but this is one of my favorites. This blush is easy to apply evenly and it’s builable. It’s not fading and it wears for hours. This blush gives my cheeks a natual and fresh look.

This was my Fabruary favorites. What is your favorites of Febuary? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

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MAC Dare You

As you’ll get to know this blog and me better you’ll begin see that I’m bit of a lipstick-girl! One of the best things in my morning  is to find the colour of the day! I love wearing lipstick – some days more bold that others. The lipstick that I have been reaching for the most over the last couple of weeks is MAC Dare You. And yes, this is kind of a Hi, I’m going out tonight-lipstick and it might be a bit over the top for a normal school day but I feel that the way that I wear it works. I start by applying some lip balm before I lightly dap lipstick on my bottom lip – you’ve gotta moisture those lips. I then take a lip brush and distribute the lipstick all over the lips. I might take a bit more on the finger and dap I on but that’s it. This leaves the lips in a subtle but nice burgundy colour and sort of melted into my lips.

The formula is a Creamsheen which is the only formula that I own from MAC. It’s a very creamy, quite opaguw colour that leave the lips with a nice sheen – even with the dipping and dapping. The lipstick is easy to work with and it’s not drying. 

                                                                    (Dare You is a bit darker in real life)

I really want to try some of the other formulas from MAC – do you just love the frost, satin lustre or which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 

Thanks for reading 
Marie-Louise xx


So I shopped until I dropped at Matas (smaller Danish version of  Boots) As I’m collecting points through my membership, I quickly went and looked at the pointshop, a few weeks ago to see if there where anything that caught my eye. There were a few things but the products that I just had to have. 
Both of the products I ended up with was from Comwell Spa. I’ve heard about the brand (nothing negative) but I didn’t know anything about it, since it was technical free, I thought what the heck and ordered the two products. 
The one that I’ve tried a couple of times is the SPA*LOSOPHY Cleansing face & body foam £9
As you can see in the bagground of the picture there is another Comwell product and that is a scrub for the body (Maybe a review in the making for you ;)) Therefore I chose to try this gentle and creamy foam to cleanse my face. The foam is not as foamy as I would like but oh well. I apply the product on wet skin and use 1 pump all over the face and neck, then rinse it of with water. I cleanse my face after removing all of my makeup.
The organic avocado oil feeds the skin with moisture and the white hibiscus extract makes the skin appear natual grommed and healthy. My skin have been in poor condition lately and after using this, my forehead has begun to look and feel nice and clean. 
What do you use to cleanse your skin? Do you use foam or cleansing water? 
I happily welcome suggestions 🙂 
Have a nice week 

Sally Hansen Nails

I may or may not have gone in to town today. Where I may or may not have done a little purchase..

I went into Matas which is like a smaller, Danish version of Boots. I’d already said to myself that I wasn’t going to buy anything, I was just looking. But that is just impossible and on my way out I saw that they had some awesome deals on sale, so I had to check it out – and I did. Yes, I did. 
Two products that I found in the sales I wanted to show you is two nail polishes from Sally Hansen
I haven’t tried any Sally Hansen products before so I was looking forward to try it. I’m really impressed with both products. I’ll start with the Strength Hardener.
                                                                   (2 coats of the calypso blue)
First of, I needed a new base coat, so that is a justified purchase, and I  was happy to find this in the sales. You can use this alone, and get a little shiny nail, or you can use it as base coat. I think that I’m going to use it both ways.
The polish is a clear polish that dries really fast! Other, cheap, base coats I have tried have been really slow at drying and I’m to impatient to sid and wait. 
It says on the packaging that you’ll get noticeably harder and stronger nail instantly – I don’t believe that they are harder and stronger right now after useing it one time but I could believe that it works. 
Now to the color! I saw this beautiful, almost indigo, blue in the box of nail polishes and I had to have it. 
I love this blue color and I just fell in love with brush of the nail polish. It’s wide and easy to handle. 
The color’s in “Calypso Blue” and is lovely. It’s blue with a hint of pearl, I would say. I’m definitely going to buy more Sally Hansen nail polishes. This one have impressed me so much. 
All in all, these products have impressed me and got me a little hooked on buying more Sally Hansen products.
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Have a nice saturday 

Review: Hand Creams

Hi everyone!

Sooo, this is my very first blogpost. I’m really excited to start blogging, because I love beauty related things and I want to share my experiences. I love to go down to the local beauty store and just go look and try on the different make-up, creams and so on. But enough about that – you can go and check “About” to see more.

My first blogpost is going to be about my favorite hand creams at the moment.
A little background to why I really feel that it is important to nourish my hands.
Firstly, I have been working as a diswasher and assistant in cafés since I was 15, so my hands have worked hard and been in water a lot. Therefore, they can look a bit worn and dry.

This first hand cream is from The Body Shop  it costs about £10 (86DDK) and is worth it. I love this hand cream for very dry skin and it is dermatologically tested. It helps to soften and protect your hands.
The only downside, for me, is that it is greasy and take some time to sink into the skin. It is a hand cream that you can use at night, when you are going to sleep. But it really works and if you can accept that, then go and buy it here.

The second and last hand cream that I just fell in love with is from Nuxe – it is the Hand and Nail Cream and it also costs approximately £10 (86DDK). This is a really lovely hand cream and is definitely worth the price.
Nuxe is a French and a natural origin cosmetology brand. The philosophy is: Beauty by nature. 

This is a hand cream that you can carry in your everyday make-up bag or just in your everday bag. It is not greasy but it is very effective. It quickly sinks into your skin so you can use it when ever you want to.

The one thing that attracted me to this cream was this text “dry and damaged hands” and my hands looked worn and damaged before I started useing this cream. They still look quite the same, of course, but they fell better and softer to me. If you want to fall in love with this product, then you can buy it here.

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