Fashion // New Look Festival Fashion Timeline

Hi girlies!
We’re half way through my packing series and I wanted to do a different post – don’t worry part 4 will be up tomorrow! 

The festival season is upon us and who doesn’t love music, cider (Me and beer does not click), loads of happy people and of course the fashion. Personally I’ve never been to a festival-festival where you put up a tent, sleep 2 hours a day and is drunk all the time. But I’ve been to loads of Summer Concerts with multiple artists. 
 Fashion wise I wanted to show you this amazing Timeline New Look has created! 
The timeline takes you all the way back to 1969 where some of the first festivals showed up. You can click through the years 1969 to 2013 and take a peek at what fashion, style and music genre were on trend.

I loved going through this timeline and seeing how the fashion has developed over the years, so I wanted to share my favourite years and create some looks, from New Look’s site, that I would wear in that time period.

As you can see on the timeline, the fashion through the years has really have an impact on the fashion for 2013. In 2013 there are loads of  ‘options‘ for what you could wear, all of these options are inspired by the fashion over the years – Crazy thought!
My faves over the years are definitely 1969, 2004 and 2013. Therefore I’ve found some items and created 3 different looks for 3 different time periods.

In 1969 the hippie and the relax feeling rocked the fashion. I adore this set and I think that I would actually wear it for now too. Probably minus the bag, as I’m not the biggest fan of the fringe, but thought it was perfect for this outfit. I’m a big fan of the headband trend, though! If I had a head that it would look great on, I would wear one everyday 😉 

In 2004 the music had an impact on the fashion too. It was all about trilby hatsskinny jeans and bracelets. This outfit is more indie than bohemian but I think it’s quiet cool. Again with the hair piece, I would totally wear it if my head was the right shape. 

Now for 2013 I thought I would create a look that I would personally wear for a festival! Keep in mind, I haven’t actually attended one so I have know idea if it’s practical. But I love neon colours and lace at the moment so thought it was appropriate for my creation! 

Go and take a peek over on NEWLOOK.CO.UK and have a fun with the timeline. 

Let me know which look you like the most and if you thought I did the year justice 🙂

Hope you liked it, thanks so much for reading and have a lovely day <3


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Packing Series // The Skin Care

  Hi darlin’s!
Hope you’re having a great summer! As you may know, from the last two posts on packing, I’ve been camping. I got home 2 days ago and I survived with a lot of mosquito bites and some small break outs – Too many fries and ice creams! Wups.
I just arrived at my dad’s and looking forward to Thursday where I’m going home to myself and my little apartment – love being with my family, but also miss my apartment 🙂 
As you, by the title, already guessed, this is part 3 in my Packing Series. Today’s post is going to be about the skin care bits I packed. So let’s get going. 
As the other two posts – The Hair and The Body – are these inspired by Vivianna‘s Packing Series. 
For skin care she suggests packing a Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturiser (AM/PM), Facial SPF and Eye Cream

To start this post of, I wanted to say that I’m not happy with my skin care routine and products just yet. Still trying some things out, but this is what I’m using at the moment. 

  One of the things in my skin care that I’m actually really happy with is my toner. This toner is the Biotherm Hydra-Mineral Lotion Toning Water. I love the way it feels on my skin and I kind of enjoy seeing all of the dirt and nasties on the cotton pad afterwards – is that weird? This bottle is a sample, but it’s the perfect travelling size. The large one comes with a pump – which I love! Love everything with pumps. So I just pump some products from the big bottle to the small bottle. 

But yeah, love this! 
My eye makeup remover is from Plaisir which I believe is Danish, can’t quite remember. I loved this at first, but know I’m kind of tired of it. It’s for waterproofed makeup as my eyeliner is waterproofed. It does what’s is suppose to, but it still leaves a at bit makeup – especially mascara – for the next day. This annoys me a bit and I want to try a new one out. 
Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments or tweet me – @mlhauken.
The last thing, on this picture, is from The Body Shop. As I mentioned in my previous post, I did a The Body Shop Collection Part 1 on Lipgloss and Lashes.  Hop over and see some of my The Body Shop bits. 
This product is going to make an appearance in Part 2 which will be up on my blog. It is their Vitamin C Skin Boost for dull skin. 
I either apply this after moisturising or I use it as a primer before foundation/BB cream if I’m applying makeup later in the day. Love this and the scent is lovely too!
My last two products are my daily moisturiser and my eye cream. One of them I like the other not so much. 
Let’s start with the negative, so this post can end in a positive way.
I’m not the biggest fan of my Eye Cream From Nivea. It’s not that it is bad but it doesn’t do anything. I feel that I might as well not use it, cause I can’t tell the difference. I bought it as my friend loves it, and I thought why not. I’m the kind of person who really want to use the products up, and since it’s not doing anything bad for my skin I took it with me. 
So I need some recommendations on a new Eye Cream? Do you have one you love? Tell me in the comments or tweet me – @mlhauken
Lastly I really like my moisturiser. This one I have had for a month and a half or something and I really like it. It’s from Embryolisse and it is their Lait-Créme Concentré for all skin types. I like that it is a multipurpose product. I use it under my arms after shaving, I sometimes use it to remove makeup and of course as a moisturiser. 
So this was part 3, hope you liked it! Part 4,5 and 6 will be up in the next couple of days now that I have regular WIFI 😉

Remember to let me know if you have any recommendations on Cleanser, Eye Makeup Remover and Eye Cream 🙂 

Have a lovely day and thanks so much for reading 


Packing Series // The body

Hi you lovely ladies!
This is going to be a fairly short post, as I’m in the middle of my camping trip but just had some time to kill so I wanted to blog – yay! As you may know from my previous post, I’ve made a Packing Series where I’m going to show you what I packed for my first camping trip – ever. These posts are inspired by Vivianna’s videos and posts about packing for different occasions. 
This post is on – as you can tell from the title – all of the body stuff I brought with me. 
Vivianna suggests packing a razor, shower gel, body lotion, SPF, rollerball perfume. 
As previous post I took the suggestions and made it my own 🙂 So if you want to see what I brought with me then just read on! 
The first thing that pops in my mind when I think ‘Camping‘ is insects and especially mosquitoes!! Last year, when I was in China I got attacked by mosquitoes. I couldn’t count how many bites I had on my right leg, if I wanted to and they were big and red. When I went to the Chinese pharmacy and showed them the bites, the pharmacist made some weird: Uh, oh, ah, nooo noises and began to scratch his own leg. After all of the scratching he handed me these two products, which worked wonders for the itchi-ness. The green bottle-spray is to prevent the mosquito bites and the little yellow jar is for when you’ve already have a or more bites. I call these my Chinese Hocus-Pocus poisons

I did a The Body Shop Collection Part 1 over at Becky from Lipgloss and Lashes’ blog – go take a peek and vote for her in the Cosmopolitan Awards! 

Part 2 is going to up on my blog later 🙂 

In part 1 I showed this The Body Shop Body Butter in Papaya, if you’ve read the guest post you’ll know that it’s not my favourite, but I’m going to use it up. It gives moisture, but the smell is too much in this case. It’s nearly empty so brought it with me just to give my body some extra moisture other than my Sun Screen. 

To be honest I didn’t really have any specific brand in mind. I just went in and bought some. I think I’ve used this one before or something like it. What sold me on this sunscreen was the ‘High Protection‘ and ‘Light and Silky‘. First of I didn’t really know much about sunscreen. Of course I knew that I should use it and it protects your skin against the sun but what the correct meaning of the SPF – wasn’t in my knowledge before I watched this video from Body Talk Daily ft. Pixiwoo and London Beauty Queen.
Go watch it and learn! 

But anyways, I ended up with this Garnier Ambre Solaire Sunscreen, which is good so far. 

Lastly for this body post you have to remember a razor, us girls have to shave. It wouldn’t be lady like to just leave the hair growing to it self – now imagine how that would look. That’s all I have to say about this 😉

Is there anything you would have brought or wouldn’t? And let me know if you watch the video, and what you thought? I Thought it was really interesting.

Oh and let me know if you have any sunscreen recommendations! 

So the post wasn’t as short as I thought it would be – sorry. Hope you liked it though 🙂

Have a great day, hopefully I’ll have a new post up soon. It’s just a bit difficult with this non-existent wifi 😉 

I’m now going and walk the dogs and then dinner is served. 

Don’t forget to vote for the cosmo awards 😉

Thanks so much for reading

Love Marie-Louise 

Packing Series // The Hair

Hi you lovely ladies! 
So right now I’m taking a mini break from packing. I’m going camping next week, which I told you guys in my last post. Therefore I thought –Why not do a Packing Series where I show you what I packed in the face, hair and body department. 

I loved Vivianna’s videos and posts about packing for different travelling occasions. I’m actually sitting here with The Adventure packing list she made – such an easy checking list. 
I’m going to do 6 posts where I show you which bits and bobs I packed – some of it is a little different from Vivianna’s, but you have to adjust it so it fits your preferences.

This first post is my Hair Care bits: 

Vivanna suggests packing a hair brush and hair bands, shampoo, conditioner, multipurpose oil and dry shampoo. 

I’ve adjusted it after my hairs needs, as it’s very, very dry in the summertime especially as I got it coloured 3-4 months ago. Right now my hair is 4 different colours and the ends are blond, so these get really dry. Therefore I’ve also packed a leave in hair mask. All of the L’Oréal products are some products I’m testing at the moment – I did a post about it here

The hair oil is from L’Oréal’s EverSleek range and it is a Smoothing Anti-Frizz one. This is perfect for my coloured, and bit curly hair as it gets really frizzy in the heat. The bottle is also small enough to put it in my handbag when we’re going somewhere – Yup, my hair can look pretty even when I’m camping.

The leave-in hair mask is from L’Oréal’s EverPure range and it’s a Lasting Moisture Leave-In Créme which protects coloured hair. This range is specifically made for coloured hair, so it’s perfect for mine. I take two pumps and apply it in wet hair, so it gets really smooth. 

The Dry Shampoo from Batiste was a purchase I made with my voucher which I did a haul on here. I didn’t really think about my camping trip when I placed the order, I just really wanted to try it out – Lets see if it works in the perfect camping situation. 
Hope the fuzz is true! 

This is, of course, something everyone brings – Even non-bloggers, wait what? 
My shampoo and conditioner are currently from L’Oréal’s EverSleek range – again. This range is perfect for frizzy and overworked hair, which I have at moment. I will be doing a review on this, when everyone have been testing the products for a while.
Pssst – I really like it! But lets keep this between us until the review. 

I don’t know about you but when it’s summer and hot my hair gets really annoying and I just want to put it up. So hair bands and hairpins are a must in my book. I also packed my ‘Donut‘ which I don’t really know the real name for, but it makes the perfect hair bun. I’ve packed it if I want to do something different and more nice.

I don’t really use a hair brush as I try to only use a comb, and I use it when my hair is wet. At comb is not so rough on the hair as a brush can be. For me it works fine, so that is what I’m sticking to.

This was my first post in my new ‘Packing Series‘! I hope you liked reading it and that you’re looking forward to the next post. I really want to try a Tangle Teezer, though.

I was thinking of taking loads of pictures and do a picture-filled-lifestyle-camping-post at the end of the week if you would be interested? Please let me know in the comments or by tweeting me here 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you’re having a great summer so far <3

Love Marie-Louise

PS. Don’t forget my MAC giveaway! Enter here 🙂

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Haul // My sister goes shopping

Hi girlies! Today is all about blogging for me. I’m going camping next week – first time ever so lets see how well I cope with tents and no real showers – Thank God for my dry shampoo
What my camping trip means is that I’ll try and publish posts from my phone, therefore I have to prepare some – so let the BIG blogging day begin! 

My post today is another haul – wait what!? Yep, I have another haul for you guys, and I didn’t spend any pennies – again

In my last WOMF I mentioned that my sister wanted my advise on what she should buy for her voucher – so we went shopping which means a haul for you! 
She had been talking about getting a new lipstick or lipgloss so I showed her my beloved Rimmel London Apocalips in Celestial, before we went into town – she loved it and we decided to pick it up for her. Celestial is a pretty pinky-nude that’s perfect for everyday use so it would be perfect for her. Unfortunately, Celestial isn’t available in Denmark so we had to pick up another colour. I purchased mine from ASOS. The one she chose was Nova which is a pink, but subtle pink so she can use it for everyday or whenever she feels like it.

Personally I’ve been lusting over these Rimmel London Salon Pro With Lycra Varnishes ever since I started seeing them in loads of youtube videos. I don’t own any of the varnishes so I definitely wanted her to try one. I showed her the range and the colour selection and told her about all of the fuzz, so she decided to try one and picked up 313 Cocktail Passion. This is a gorgeous red-ish coral that is not too bright yet not too subtle. 
She had wanting to try out some eyelashes for ages and the only brand available in this store was from Depend. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of their nail varnishes, I prefer the L’Oréal Color Riche Range which is in the same price range as I find they last longer and I’m just in love with the brush. With that being said I use their eyelash glue to pop my eyelashes on with and it works fine, so we thought that they would be fun to try. It’s a Swedish brand which, in Denmark, is only sold at Matas (DK’s tinytiny answer to Boots) as far as I know. They are quite inexpensive, so if you are a first timer I think they would be great to start out with. If you want me to do a review on some, let me know in the comments 🙂
(See the eyelashes on the first photo)

She also wanted some brushes as she only own one or two. I really wanted her to get the MAC 217, as it is the best brush ever, but MAC is not available in Matas, so we went and looked at the Nilens Jord brushes, but they didn’t have any blending brushes which was what she wanted. The only other brush brand available was the M. Cosmetics, which I believe is a Danish brand, don’t hold me accountable though. They actually have a lot of different brushes in different colours too plus they are cheap, which I think is quite awesome. She picked up the Smokey Eye Brush which is blending brush and as the name says so perfectly, a perfect smokey eye brush. The other brush she picked up was the Eyeshadow/Eyebrow Brush. This is a perfect brush for when she only wants to wear eyeshadow a long the lash line. 

This was my sister little haul for you guys. Let me know if you have tried any of the Nail Varnishes and which colour is your favourite? I would love to pick one up 🙂 Ah also tell me which Apocalips is your favourite, would to know course I’m that nosey 😉 

Ah, and don’t forget to enter my giveaway here.

Thanks so mush for reading and have a summery day 


Haul // Nicehair

Hi my lovelies!

How are you all doing? Having a nice summer with loads of tanning in the garden and cocktails? Right now I’m sitting in the garden at my dads. Can’t see anything on the screen but I love being outside, with my computer of course, so I have to suck it up. Does anyone else find it hard to see anything one the screen when you’re sitting outside? 

A couple of days ago I launched my very first giveaway, if you haven’t seen it, then you should definitely take a peek here. In the giveaway I ask you to tell me what you would like me to do in future posts, and loads of you have said HAULS and I want to please you lovely readers – so here we go!

Last month, I think, I asked for your help in a Danish blogger competition – I didn’t win but I got second place! I won a voucher for DDK 250 (£29) which I could shop for on – so that’s what I did!

The first thing I just had to add to my bag was a product I had been eyeing for a while. Even though my workouts are at a minimum right now, a dry shampoo is a must in the gym bag, so I wanted to try the Batiste Dry Shampoo. It was in the sales for DDK 39 (£4.5) for the 200 ml bottle, so I thought it was pretty budget friendly. If I like it I’m definitely going to buy more and I love that it is scented. You can get a lot of different scents but I got the Sweet and Spirited one – she picks up the bottle and sprayes it to figure out the scent. Can’t describe the scent though, it’s kind of sweet and fresh. 

I’ve been wanting this next product for ages but always thought it was kind of expensive then I thought of my voucher and added the Moroccan Oil Treatment to the bag. I feel like everyone have it and thinks it’s the best oil ever, so I had to see what all of the fuzz is about. I got the smallest one which I actually thought was bigger when thinking about the price DDK 119 (£14). For 25 ml it’s expensive but then I had a positive thought. It is small enough to carry it in my bag, so if I like it’s definitely going in the bag. 

The last product-product is the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment for coloured hair. I’ve tried the normal one before and LOVED it. So I thought I would give this one a try as my hair is currently 4 colours if you count my natural hair colour that is peeking through. It was only DDK 79 (£9) which is probably quite expensive for all you UK girlies. I bought 3 Aussie products for £10 the last time I was in London. But here I saved DDK 40 (£4.6) so I’m quite happy with that. I like the packaging a lot, you just have to squeeze it out and you have the product in your hands – no need to remove any lids – easypeasy. 

With these pieces added to the bag I still had DDK 13 (£1.5) left, so I had to find something cheap. Then I found some hairpins and I’m ALWAYS in need of hairpins – I think their is a evil-hairpin-fairy who steals them I bet she flyes all over the world and collects them. 
I’ll probably be buying more of these as they are really good. I’ve used these a couple of times and they just stay put. They are quite amazing – wup wup, hairpin-love!

This was my haul from – A haul without spending a penny, my purse loves it.

Have you tried any of the products, what did you think? Let me know in the comments. Also if you want me to do a review on them, write it down below.

Don’t forget my giveaway – you can win a MAC lippie of your choice here.

Have a lovely day, afternoon or night <3

Thanks for reading

Marie-Louise x

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Willow and Clo // Blogger competition

Hi babes! 
Happy Monday to you all. Today is a happy Monday for me but I usually hate Mondays – it’s just always one of those days where you want to stay in bed going trough youtube video after youtube video. Am I the only one who does that? 
I’m actually going to do something and not just lay in bed all day. I’m going out for pizza and a movie with one of my best childhood girl friends. We are going to see The Bling Ring – we are both so excited to see it! Have anyone else seen it? 

The post today is a little unusual but fun as I kinda of like lifestyle posts. We all have those Mondays, or just those days, where everything goes wrong. 
One of the only things, on those days, that can cheer me up a bit is music and chick-flicks. So today I wanted to share my little obsession with a new band that I’m totally in love with – Imagine Dragons and a bloggers competition.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Chloe Townsend from Willow & Clo who is a jewellery designer. She wanted to let me know that Willow & Clo are celebrating their new jewellery collection Sound Waves with a blogger competition. The new collection is inspired by music and the sound waves. Such beautiful and simple jewellery!

All you have to do is to create a mood board with your favourite pieces from the collection, where you include a message, word or saying. 

My mood board is inspired by Imagine Dragons, as I’m really in love with their music at the moment. 
They are known for Radioactive, which is really cool, and sounds so nice with the right speakers. But two of my faves are It’s Time and On Top Of The World. My message/quote was found in On Top Of The World. 

If you love somebody
Better tell them while they’re here ’cause
They just may run away from you

Which is something I, personally, have to remember and tell people that I love them, which I often forget. Aw, getting all sentimental here. 
I think the message and the music fits perfect in the Sound Waves collection, as the message is something a lot of people can relate to and the music because it has a beautiful different sound.

This was my little Mood Board – not a pro at this but thought it was fun.

If you want to participate here are the prizes and the rules:

The Prizes:
1. The winning Blogger will win their favourite piece from the ?Sound Waves? Collection.
2. Green Quarts Necklace from Puddle Collection (HERE)
3. Citrine Necklace from Puddle Collection (View it HERE!) 

To enter follow these simple instructions:
1. Create a Blog post Mood Board. Pick a minimum of three items from the ?Sound Waves? Collection to add to your mood board (you can find the collection on the Willow&Clo Website HERE!)
2. Get Creative and Include a message, word, or saying you would like to see as part of the Sound Wave Collection. Don?t forget to tell us why you choose it. IF we really love the winning tag line we will put it into production as an added bonus.
3. To enter your blog post into our competition: post your Sound Waves mood board onto your blog and email us your link/URL to To be in with a chance of winning.
4. Tweet, Like, and Share!  Spread the word! Use the Hashtags #WillowandCloSoundwaves and let us know via @WillowandClo
5. Any Blogger can enter and the competition is open worldwide
6. We are looking for thought, personality and creativity.
The competition will end on July 31st 2013.

Let me know if you love Imagine Dragons and which song is your personal favourite? 🙂

Have a happy Monday – Thanks for reading 

Marie-Louise x

Giveaway // MAC Lippie of your choice

Hi lovelies! 
This is a late and unplanned post but I wanted to give your all a big fat thanks you  for following me through GFC and bloglovin! This blog is my little space where I share my passion for beauty, fashion and shopping! I love that you all are a part of it and want to read my posts.

I also wanted to say thank you for ALL your nice comments on my new blog design, I love that you like it as much as I do!

Therefore I’ve made a Rafflecopter to do a giveaway for you guys – the giveaway is international  so all of my lovely followers have the chance of winning! This is my first giveaway, so I hope you like it! If you have any ideas for which products my next giveaway should contain, then please let me know by commenting, tweeting or facebooking 😉

The more you enter using the options on the Rafflecopter the better the chance you have of winning this giveaway!

I wish you the best of luck to you all <3


Marie-Louise x

WOMF // Let’s go to the beach..

Hi, lovelies! Hope you’re having a great summer, so far. Right now I’ve taken some weeks at home with my parents, sister and brother – and of course my childhood friends. Today I’ve been at my sister’s – while the guys talk Tour de France and computer games, we went shopping for my sister. She wanted my opinion on which beauty stuff she should buy, since she had a voucher. Yay, it was so much fun given her advise and talking beauty with her. I will be posting a little haul with the things she got. 

As I was leaving the house today I felt like wearing make up. So in this occasion I wanted to do a What On My Face post for you guys.

Lately I’ve been using my Garnier BB cream a lot so wanted to use something different for today. Therefore I decided to use my beloved Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation. I just buff it in with my Real Techniques Buffing brush – Oh the love I have for that brush! I then went to do my eyes. I’ve loving my old Rimmel London Glameyes Eyeshadow in 030 Smokey Quartz. It’s such a great colour for when you just want to apply one colour, here I used my MAC 217 brush, which I need one or two more in my life, or if any of you know a good dupe? Let me know in the comments 🙂 I’ve rediscovered my L’Oréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss which is SO easy to work with. It’s a quite big brush with is perfect for when I just want to apply it on the outer part of the lid. To look more awake I used my Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude. This is probably the best nude eyeliner I’ve tried – love it.  For mascaras, yes in plural, I used Clinique Buttom Lash Mascara, which I bought after reading loads of blog reviews. I just love it, it stays put and I don’t find it all over my face at the end of the day. For my upper lashes I used my Rimmel London (again) Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara which I did a review on here. Lastly for my inner corners I used L’Oréal Color Infailliable in 002 Hourglass Beige, so give my eyes a more awake, open look.

For cheeks, I’ve been obsessed with my Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Dixie and Gleam in Aurora for highligting. The cream blusher gives a natural, dewy look, which I love – and the colour is just gorgeous. For the Gleam – all I have to say is you need it in your collection! My lippies are in a natural pink from Rimmel London Apocalips in Celestial – love this for an everyday colour.

This was my WOMF. Did you wear any make up today or did you just have one of those days with a natural face? What is your go-to eye look in the summer? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Have a lovely summery day, thanks for reading <3 

Love Marie-Louise

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Nail Obsession // L’Oréal Color Riche

Hi Lovelies! 

I’ve been obsessed with doing my nails lately. I’ve tried new colours, nail stickers and a fun top coat. For nail varnish, these ones are some of my faves. I don’t know why I don’t own more colours – Whooom, and she’s out of the door to buy more.

One of the reasons why I LOVE these varnishes is the brush. It’s quite big and wide and makes applying the varnish so much easier – at least I think so. The other two reasons is the price (DDK 40) and the colour range! Affordable, lovely varnishes where everyone can find a colour they will love.
I adore all of the colours I do have, but still need more in my life. The very first one I bought was Perle De Jade which is a pretty minty green. It works perfectly with my skin tone and doesn’t make my fingers look pale or weird – if you know what I mean. Yellow is not a colour I would normally turn to but I bought it for summertime in the hope of getting a tiny little bit tanned. Banana Pop was also a purchase I did as I wanted to do a ombre nail tutorial which I hope will be up this summer if it’s something you want to see – let me know in the comments. In my latest nailpost  I mentioned that I bought a nail varnish in the 3 for 2 L’Oréal Color Riche range, Chic Pink was the one. When I saw this colour I just had to buy it. It’s a beautiful pinky coral colour which is perfect for the summertime. I can’t wait to try it out. I originally bought Snow In Megeve for the tutorial too, which I’ve been fumbling around with for a bit. But then I thought, What can I use a white nail varnish for other than the tutorial and it turns out that this is great to apply under a bright colour – the colour pops. Lastly I bought this top coat, and I love it. The name Confettis totally describes the varnish. It gives my nails something else and looks lovely over every colour. 

This was my little post about my obsession with L’Oréal Color Riche Varnishes. Have you tried any of these? Do you have a fave, that I just need in my life? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a lovely evening!


PS. I’m on instagram (mlhauken), if you want to see daily pictures of my life. I’m also on Twitter for daily tweets and for weekly posts, you can follow me on bloglovin <3