TAG // Colours of the Rainbow with a twist

Hi lovely people!
I’ve been wanting to do the Colours of the Rainbow Tag for ages – ever since I saw the original one from TalkBeckyTalk! I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet, but now I feel like doing it! It’s a Friday night in for me tonight, I’m at my moms and have New Years Eve playing in the background and have decided to do the tag! But since I’m at my moms it’s going to be a What-I-Brought-To-My-Moms-edition – so with a little twist.

So basically I’ll be showing you guys my favourite products whether it’s beauty or fashion items that fits with the colours of the rainbow. 

So the first colour in the rainbow is red. I brought this cause it’s easy to apply and who doesn’t love a red lip? I love these lip tints and this colour is my fave. I usually wear this with a simple eye makeup – maybe with a winked eyeliner! The only thing about these is you can’t re-apply them to often otherwise it will crease – at least it does on me. But I love it anyways. 


So in the orange category I had to show both of these. The first one is my body butter in mango from The Body Shop. I love the smell of this and the moisture it gives. My legs are very dry so this is just perfect for me. The second item is my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I haven’t got a lot so say about this brush other that I LOOOVE IT. It’s perfect for buffing in the foundation. 


This one is an orangy-yellow but I didn’t bring any other yellow things. This Vitamin C Energising Spray smells amazing of oranges. It’s an instant pick-me-up to refresh dull skin. I use this after I’ve cleansed my face morning and night. I also spray it on after I’ve applied my foundation and concealer. 


In the green category I have the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless mascara. I brought this as my only mascara as it works perfectly for an everyday look, it gives length and doesn’t clump. I did a review here.


I wanted to have some fashion in this tag too. And I adore this blazer from Designers Remix, which is a Danish designer. I love to wear it with a plain T-shirt but also a button up shirt. It fits perfectly and I was lucky enough to find it at a collection-sample-sale. Wup wup! 


So as I said above I only brought one mascara but my mom had purchased this one for herself and she didn’t like it. Wupsy it’s mine now and I LOVE IT. It gives my lashes a lot of volume and hold the curl really well. It might be more of a night out mascara but I also love it for daytime 😉 I wasn’t sure if this colour would fit in with indigo but – yeah. 


Purple, lilac and violet shades are my faves. And this nail varnish from Illamasqua has become one of my all time favourites. I love how it applies, the colour the speckles, the shimmer-glimmer and just the overall varnish. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago and did a post on my first ever Illasmqua haul. I don’t know with you guys but I ALWAYS bring way o many nail varnishes when I go for visits – wupsy. 


For pink I obviously had to show a blush. This one is a cream blush from Illamasqua. It give a perfect natural look for my cheeks and it’s very buildable. I love the finish a cream blush gives – a dewy natural look. This blush is also from the Illamasqua haul.
The other pink item are some beautiful earring which I bought at a market in China. Cheap and I wear them a lot. Just to pep up an outfit or hairstyle. 


I actually had a lot of options for multicoloured items. What can I say, I love colours! The first one I chose is a scarf from H&M which I bought a couple of months ago. So you can probably still get it. The colours does not show up as bright as they are in real life. It’s an extremely neon coloured scarf which can pep up a boring outfit. The second item is a dress from also from H&M which I brought last year. I just love it and it fits my body really well. I did an outfit of the day a couple of month ago wearing this dress if you want to see it on. 

This was my colours of the rainbow tag with a twist. 

I wanted to tag some bloggers to do it as well. What can I say, I’m a nosey person 😉 The bloggers:

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If you do the tag please link it down in the comments – would love to see it!

Have a love day and thanks for reading 

Love Marie-Louise x

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NARS has arrived..

.. to Denmark! Yes!
I’m a newbie to NARS products but I really wanna try some of their products. So when I got the news I immediately tweeted and asked #bbloggers which products I should put on my wish list. I already had some products in mind and these got confirmed by you guys.

After reading blogs and watching youtube videos for years now, I’ve noticed a pattern. Everyone loves the SHEER GLOW FOUNDATION, the LAGUNA BRONZER and the ORGASM BLUSH. So these three ended up on my wish list and you guys confirmed these picks on twitter! 

Two other picks that ended up on my list is the SMUDGE PROOF EYESHADOW BASE. This is a primer and the one that I’m using right now isn’t doing it for me anymore, so need a new one. I find that I have oily eyelids and this is suppose to be lovely for that. 

The last pick is for my lippies! Saw this beautiful VELVET MATTE LIPS PENCIL in Viviannadoesmakeup’s May Favourites. It just looks gorgeous on her and I have vision that it would suit my lips too! The lip pencil is in the colour RED SQUARE and is a red colour with an orange undertone – perfect for summer. I’ve been wanting to get a matte lip product for ages and this colour is just so lovely. She says that it’s not drying – hint the velvet touch. 

So this is my little wish list for when I’m going to visit the NARS stand in Sephora, Illum in Copenhagen. Why do I live so far from Copenhagen!?

Have you tried any of these products? Or would you have recommended me some other products? Tell me in the comments beeeeloow!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!
Have a lovely day 

Love Marie-Louise x

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Beauty Haul // Illamasqua

Hi my lovelies!
Long time no blogging! I wanted to do a little update. I haven’t put up a post for a while now.
I’ve been wanting to put up some post and have been planning it but I have had computer problems and an written exam report to pass in so there haven’t been time to enjoy blogging – excuses, excuses excuses.
But as you say if you don’t enjoy blogging the posts will not end up good. 😉 

I’m back now with my very FIRST Illamasqua haul.

A couple of weeks ago Illamasqua hit 50,000 twitterfollowers and they did a special offer for a couple of hours only – 50 % off on everything on the Illamasqua web page. Some of you may have taken advantage of this offer too if so I would love to know what you got – link your post in the comments. Hint, hint if you want to follow me on twitter I’m @mlhauken 😉

I’d been eyeing the Nail Varnish and a Cream Blusher for a while before the offer, so these were definitely on the list! I then tweeted Illamasqua for some recommendations and ended up with a Pure Pigment and a Gleam.

NAIL VANISH IN SPECKLE £14.50 (-50% £37.25) DDK 127 / 63: Love, love, LOVE this varnish. I’ve been wanting it ever since the launch this Easter, I believe. It’s a beautiful Lilac colour with some glitter and black speckles. It’s different to any other varnishes I own. I’ve tried it once and applied it with 2 coats .. Perfect. The only downfall is trying to remove it – it is SO difficult. But I think it’s the same for every varnishes that contains glitter, speckles and so on.

CREAM BLUSHER IN DIXIE £18 (-50% £9) DDK 157 / 78:  Now, I said I’d been looking at a cream blusher for a while but I didn’t have a specific colour in mind. All I knew was that I wanted a cream blusher. I don’t know why I picked this colour, there was just something about it. It’s just beautiful and surprisingly very natural on my cheeks. I need more cream blushers in my life, they give a nice natural dewy finish, which I like.

PURE PIGMENT IN FURORE £16.50 (-50% £8.25) DDK 145 / 72: This was one of the recommendations from the Illamasqua team. It’s a beautiful metallic light brownish colour which can be used as eyeshadow but also as a high lighter. I’ve used this product the most out of all of them because it’s so wearable. I’m thinking of buying a darker colour for a smokey look.

GLEAM IN AURORA £18 (-50% £9) DDK 157 / 78: This is a cream high lighter. I usually use my e.l.f. bronzer as a high lighter but wanted to try a cream to get that more natural dewy look. Can’t wait to use it for a glowy summer look.

This was my little purchase from Illamasqua #twitter50 sale. I think I’m going to love every single one of the products. Also, I love the packaging from this brand. It’s just so feminine, pretty and different from other brands. 

Let me know what you think of Illamasqua products and if you own anything I just have to have! As mentioned earlier please link your post if you did any purchases from Illamasqua 🙂

Have a beautiful day or night depending on where you’re from 😉
Thanks for reading 
Love Marie-Louise xx

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