Weight Loss Wednesday // Workout Challenges


Photo source: 1 is my own, 2 & 3&4 Carly Rowena 

I haven’t been to the gym in what feels like forever, I’m simply too tired when I come home from school – yes I know, bad excuse. The other excuse is that I’m a bit tired of seeing myself in the mirrors when I go to classes, which probably leads to the first excuse, unfortunately. I always go to back of the room and I tend to be more focused on how my body looks compared to the others and I’m constantly correcting my shirt, all in all I don’t feel like I get too much out of it and I feel uncomfortable.

So I thought that I would make the most out of my uncomfortableness and make a month-to-month work out plan. For every month I will be doing a new challenge – yep a 30 day workout challenge! The one I decided to start of with is a combination of different workouts, it’s going to be Carly Rowena’s ‘The 30 day Squat Challenge‘, as this is Carly’s version there will be squats *obviously*, 1 min plank and 10 burbees *not looking forward to those*. The only thing that will wary is the number of squats, see the picture above. I mentioned Carly in my latest WLW post here. If you want to join me so we can do this together just tweet me a little tweet

3 times a week I will hopefully start my day of with a fresh and quick morning workout – *hello, no sleep*. As there are loads of youtube channels, I’ll definitely going to find something that fits me. I also have the Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD from last year. I’m going to make a little schedule and start with this tomorrow morning. The schedule will end next Wednesday where I will be looking for some new workout videos. I’m one of those who easily get bored with the same workout routine so I have to mix it up a bit! 

I wanted to ask you if you like these posts? I find them fun and motivational to write – really keeps me on track! As a little treat – I think I’ll be giving you a little update and in the next Weight Loss Wednesday post 🙂 

Would you like me to set up an instagram specifically for weight loss pictures of my progress, food, workouts and motivation? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Lots of love

PS I a month you’ll get to se my hopefully lovely new butt 😉

Perfect Nails // Chanel Rouge Noir

I have to say, I’m a sucker for nail polish, I’ve always been! I just love colours and how creative you can get with the polishes – especially with all the new trends. I want to introduce you to my first CHANEL love. I bought this 6 years ago – I think. You can totally see how worn and damaged the bottle is, a well used polish. I was working as a dishwasher – I blame that on how my hands looks now, excuse that. One day I went to lunch with a coworker and she had this on. When I saw this colour I knew I had to get my mitts in it, no matter how much it was! 

This was the very first time I went to the CHANEL counter – and oh my, I fell in love. It’s the most expensive nail polish I’ve ever bought but it is the best darn ££ I’ve ever spent. I’ve used this varnish autumn after autumn and I will never get tired of it – it’s just beautiful! CHANEL Rouge Noir Nail Varnish is a deep burgundy colour. Perfect for the autumn and winter season and perfect year after year – amazingly my polish isn’t totally empty but it’s getting there, unfortuneately. 
After entering the youtube and blogging world, I’ve always heard negative things about CHANEL’s polishes, as I didn’t know that at the time I just went with it and expected it to be good – hey it’s a £20 polish it has to be. I would have to say it works fine for me, though there’s nothing overly amazing about it – other than the colour, of course! 2 coats does the job and it will stay put for about 2-3 days before it starts to chip – maybe it will stay put for longer if you have a out-of-this-world topcoat *cough cough need the Seche Vite one* but 2-3 days is fine for me. I will be changing colour about that time anyways. 

All in all a perfect autumnal polish that I’ll definitely be repurchasing. Also way to go CHANEL it hasn’t dried out after 6 years! *wup wup*
Have you tried any CHANEL polishes? What is your perfect autumnal polish? 

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

Review // L’ORÈAL SKIN PERFECTION 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil

Hi beauty! Oh yeah, don’t mind the last picture, I am a bit oily and cray cray in that one ;)! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend so far? Mine have been nice and relaxing so far! Todays post is about a new skin care love of mine. A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I went into Matas as I needed a new cleansing product, my old beloved L’Oréal Purifying Micellar Solution is running empty. The reason why I didn’t pick that up is that it is not available here – bought mine on Feel Unique and WILL be stocking up on that one. But let’s get going with the real reason why I am writing this post.

To state out the obvious – Yes I know it says Sublime Glow on the bottle and not Skin Perfection but I bought it here in Denmark and I think they have come out with another name for the Danes. No I don’t know the reason and why it is still in English 😉 

The L’Oréal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil is a lightweight and non-greasy oil that is a joy to use. It has a fruity and pleasant scent. The scent is not too strong – which I like when I have to use it on ma’ face. It is suppose to instantly dissolves all traces of make-up and impurities. Skin feels perfectly clean with a non-greasy, non-dry feel. Re-balanced and radiant skin. 

This is my first oil-based cleanser and I quite like it. I use it at night when I have to remove my make-up, it is just so easy and quick. Quick is probably the best word to describe this product. I take 1-2 pumps rub it in and feel the dissolve-ness of both my face and eye make-up beautifully and quick. *Upsy-wupty* – your makeup is dissolved in 15-20 seconds, as the name nicely describes. I then just rinse with water, dap my face dry, use a toner and apply moisturiser. If I am wearing eyeliner or a dark makeup I need a bit more help removing all the eye makeup – here comes the L’Oréal Purifying Micellar Solution in the picture and saves the day. As I have quite normal skin with dry patches I don’t know if it fits all skin type as it is described to do but it has made my skin feel really soft, fresh and non-oily!
All in all a product that I would happily repurchase, the same goes for the L’Oréal Purifying Micellar Solution. 
What do you use to cleanse? Have you tried this cleanser?

Would love to know how this works on other skin types, so let me know if you have tried it and what you thought
Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

Review // Skin Doctors Ingrow Go

(Skin Doctors Ingrow Go – £10.95/DKK 96,50)
Hi gorgeous! So just to warn you a bit this post is going to be about shaving and the subsequent effects – and no it is not only leg-shaving we are talking about.

A girl needs to shave and/or wax and that can sometimes leave razor bumps and ingrown hair which can be incredible painful and itchy – I should know. So when I saw a review over on In The Frow about this product, I just needed to give it ago. I bought mine on Feel Unique and the description on how it works is very informative, so here you go: 

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go contains potent ingredients that have a two-way action. Firstly, it cleans out and purifies the affected pore. Next, the exfoliating action goes to work, sloughing away the dry dead skin and releasing the trapped hair. Skin is left clean, clear and silky smooth. And this is exactly how it works. 

I use this little miracle worker on my armpits, in the bikini line and between my brows after a wax. The place I have to use this the most on is in the bikini line as I tend to get a lot of razor bumps and ingrown hair after shaving and this is very painful and itchy – Maybe this is TMI but you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I don’t no if you have the same problem but if you do this is a fast worker. It is suppose to work within 24 hours which is actually true – you will definitely be able to see improvement after 24 hours but totally gone? No. That will take a bit more time, depending on how affected the area is.

This works for both shaving and waxing – I use it for both. I get my brows waxed every month as they grow like a mother******, and my skin gets a bit irritated afterwards, so I simply moisten a cotton bud with Ingrow Go and apply to the affected area – in this case between brows and bikini line. You have to use this like a treatment and use it every morning and night for several days prior to waxing or shaving – and pling plang pling *Cue Tinkerbell sound* the affected area is clean and clear. 

One thing you need to know though, is that is smells really medical and strong – but in a good way. It smells like it is going to work, if that makes sense? And oh, I like the price too. 

Do you have the same problem as me? Do you use something to get rid of it? Yes, what? 🙂

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

WOMF // Toasted eyes, bright lip

Hi lovely! Hope you had a nice weekend? I started my new job, relaxed and went out with some friends Saturday – all in all a good one! Friday I posted a lippy post about my love for bright red lips and loads of you really loved the look of the ELF Matte Color Lip in Rich Red – which is more red in real life – so I thought I would create a WOMF for you where I use it. As I said in the post (Link here) I would post some wearing-the-lippy-pictures so here we go! 

I was of from school today so I had a HUGE practical list that needed to be done but I am one of those people who can’t just get out of bed and wash the laundry – I have to get ready first! So even though it was a perfect no makeup kind of day I created a simple everyday look with a bright lip. 

I have already been food shopping, done the laundry and taken some blog post pictures so on this little break I am writing this post. I wanted the base to stay put all day so I used my Garnier BB Cream as a primer and topped it with ELF Flawless Finish Foundation in Sand – which by the way has a beautiful bottle – to get the perfect medium coverage base. The eyes are kept simple by only using ELF Baked Eyeshadow in Toasted, a bit of my Make Up Store Eyeliner and a mascara, of course, here I am trying out the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Show Off

I have always had some kind of complex with my brows but I am actually kind of liking them at the moment. So they needed some bold-ness and colour. The ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium is kind of dark but I find it works OK. For cheeks I used the ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream in St. Lucia. Now, I thought I ordered the powder duo – the suppose NARS dupe – but no, I apparently ordered the cream one and the Blush is actually beautiful. To set it all I used ELF Makeup Mist & Set which I have to get use to using. 

All in all a quite ELF-y kind of day as I bought some last month which arrived last week – Haul will be up soon 😉 

What do you think of the look? Are you liking the red lip? 

Lots of love
Marie-Louise x

Autumnal Lips // 3 True Reds

Hi gorgeous! Today, while listening to Gossip Girl, I wanted to share my 3 favourite true reds. I love wearing red on the lips – especially bright true reds. These have 3 different finishes which I love as I can pick the one I am in the mood for. One is matte, one is glossy and the last has a velvet touch. 

The first one is the Matte Lip Color in Rich Red from ELF – I just got this one a couple of days ago and I love it already! The price is pretty awesome too, only £3.75 aaaand I got it at 50 % off! It is superb easy to apply and very precise because of the thin tip it is easy to get into every corner. It is very creamy when you apply it but it dries matte and stays put. Right now I am drinking a cuppa and it only stains a bit on my beloved Starbucks mug. 

When the Apocalips first came out, I went to Matas and bought almost every single colour and I am so glad I did, I just love these and will definitely pick some of the new shades! This one was not available here so I was very happy when I won it via Twitter. The Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang is a beautiful bright red! The apocalips are very pigmented and wear really well. I wear one of the shades basically everyday – but this one is beautiful with a winged eyeliner look which is one look I will be rocking, trying to rock this season.

This one was my first red red lipstick. This GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Lambana is just lovely. The velvet touch makes it easy to apply, it moisturises and it is pigmented. When I want to use this for an everyday look I usually just dap it on and it leaves a perfect freshlips-stain. I am very glad that this was my first red-y as it made me want more 😉 

Bright red lips goes with every season but I think it is especially beautiful for Autumn and Winter – and Christmas, obviously! If you want some pictures of me wearing these, I will definitely put some up (Tried to take some but they didn’t come out as great as I imagined)

Are you going to pick up some of the new Apocalips shades?

What is your favourite bright red lipstick? I need to know – a girl can never have too many red lipsticks! 

Lots of love
Marie-Louise x

WOMF // The ELF Look

Hi lovelies! How you doin’? *Joey voice* As I mentioned in my latest post – I am off from school for the next 7 days – yaaay! So I decided to go home and visit my parents and siblings. Ended up going to a girls-night-out on Saturday and it was so much FUN. Sunday was a hungover kind of day and yesterday I decided to visit my sister. We shopped, we ate and we facemask’d 🙂

Everytime I have visited my sister she has become the lucky winner of being featured here on ze blog. Last time I showed you a little sister-goes-shopping-haul, if you fancy a peek at that here is the LINK. This time she was a victim of my crazy makeup love. We were talking a bit about makeup and skincare and one of the brands she is obsessed with at the moment is ELF Cosmetics *agreed nod from me*. I love their selection of makeup, brushes and skincare bits and the prices… well they are just wowsa cheap

We decided to try and create a look with only ELF products, but none of us own a foundation from the brand and I didn’t bring my ELF Mascara so the look is an Almost ELF Makeup Look. My sissy loves her Baked Eyeshadow in Pixie and may I just say that this is a beautiful beautiful colour, easy to work with and sooo pigmented. I will be doing a review on the baked eyeshadow I just purchased! She also loves her ELF Little Black Beauty Book (Cool Edition) So we had a little play with those pretty purples under the lower lash line to emphasise her beautiful brown eyes!

As she is working in a kindergarden and is surrounded with nosy kids all day we kept her lips and cheeks very natural with the ELF Lip Balm in Rose and ELF Blush in Blushing Rose. Their blushes are amazing and I have a review on one HERE.
What do you think about the look? What is your favourite ELF product, if you have tried any? 
Lots of love
Marie-Louise x

Chatty post // Niceclubdk

Hi girl! From today and a week forth I have what we call ‘ Autumn Holiday’ here in Denmark – so lovely to have some time of from school and spent some time with friends and family. Right at this minute I  am sat at my dads where I am going to be home alone, so think I am going to have a girly night in with a face mask, hair mask and new nail varnish. Ah the feels I have for those nights! Oh and maybe some online shopping peeking!

Do let me know if you want to see a little post from my girly-night-in! <3

I don’t know about you but I am one of those weak weak girls who get sucked in when a company have a membership-thingy where you can earn points. I have a billion cards, get a billion emails but in the end it is definitely worth it – I get to pick a product/present as an reward for shopping and treating myself too much! Bonus bonus bonus! 

My most loved membership is from Matas (UK Boots)! But at the moment I, unfortunately, don’t find their selection of goodies all that interesting so when I saw that Nicehair.dk made their own membership page, I immediately signed up and saw the selection of goodies. As this is the beginning of the their project their selection is small but fab and I’ll definitely opt for the GHD collection – Oh my, be mine! Now I just have to shop shop shop so I can get those darn points 🙂

This was a little chatty post today, hope you liked it! If you want to sign up for niceclub.dk then click on this link here! Now I will go and have my girly-night-in .. and some blog catching up!

What are your favourite membership-thingy? And let me know you favourite way to spend a girly-night-in? 

Lots of love 
Marie-Louise x

This post was sponsored by nicehair.dk. All opinions are honest & completely my own. ‘Sign up’ link benefits me with points

Weight Loss Wednesday // Share The Love

Sources (weheartit): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8

Hi you! How’s your week been? I have had some days of from school and from everything which has really helped my mood for the better. I have also done some Feng Shui and clearing out in my so called apartment. There is just something about clearing out and Feng Shui-ing! Ahh, love it! 

Enough with the ramble and on to today’s post. Today I wanted to do a little ‘Share the love’-post but with a fitness/weight loss twist. If there is one thing that helps me through and keeps me motivated it is weight loss stories, quotes and youtubers and blogs. So today I wanted to share my favourites at the moment. Some of them are not only weight loss/fitness themed but they still help me out. If I, by sharing these, help one of you – then I will be over the moon with happiness. 

The Lean Machines are not only easy on the eyes but they are also personal trainers. They have a wide variation of videos as they have their Midweek Motivation, How To’s, food videos, funny-vlogs etc. Video through video they always seem to get me to understand why, what and how – and if they can get me to understand it you should not have a problem understanding it either 😉 They way they explain it, is spelled out so everyone is going to get it. 

Through The Lean Machines I found Leon’s girlfriend Carly Rowena. She is fit fit FIT. Carly helps the girlies out and she is damn good at it. She has a girly wit and talks to the camera like she is talking to you – her best friend. I love the way she talks about boobs and butts like it is nobody’s business! She is a fit girly-girl who want everyone to look good naked

The last youtubers I wanted to share with you is the girly duo – Tone It Up. I have followed these girls in what feels like ages. I love how they interact with the community on social media’s and I have both their meal plan and their Beach Babe 1 DVD with loads of workouts. They are bubbly, loving life and it rubs of on you 🙂 

For blogs I love Fitspoblog which is by a Danish girl written in English. Her blog has a lovely mix of beauty, fitness and food. For you Danish girls out there here is two lovely health blogs – Getfitinspirationdk and Fitsporationdk. The first one is written by a girl who is in the middle of a weight loss – I find it so interesting to follow her journey. 

These were just some of my fitness/health-loves if I was to share everyone in one post – this would turn into a damn looong post. I might do one more of these, maybe featuring some instagram loves too – I have LOADS of those 🙂 

Hope you liked this post and found it useful! Please let me know in the comments if you have some youtubers, blogs og instagram I should follow! Would LOVE to find more 

Thanks so much for reading!

Loads of love
Marie-Louise x