The weather is not with me today so I can’t take good pictures. I’m sat here listening to Michael Buble – yes his Christmas album. Ups! While listening to this festive music, I’m also peeking on Amazon for some studio lights so I can take pictures here in the AW season. Oh well. 
Instead of a review I have a Wish List for you today. I recently got my hands in my first beauty book. It was on offer and I thought – why not!? This buy resulted in me wanting more. More beauty knowledge and books. So I made a little wish list with ones I REALLY WANT. 

A little note: No, I don’t know what wrong with me. Why haven’t I got my mitts in Lauren Conrads Beauty – I just.. don’t know *slaps on the wrist*

Do you have any beauty books? Any of these? 

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

B-day Wish List // The One With The Beauty Bits

B-day Wish List // The One With The Beauty Bits
Do you know what day it is!? You probably know it, if you have been reading my 2 last posts (here and here) It’s my birthday! Yay! I hope you are having a great week so far? I am having my last interning-day at Triumph in Vietnam both sad but also happy as this means last days of free-time in Ho Chi Minh City before heading home Sunday evening. By then I have been here for 3 months – a great 3 months it has been I might say. I have a Vietnam Travels Series (new one will be up Friday) if you feel like taking a read. 

I am working all day today, but tonight.. Tonight we’re going to the best Mexican place in Ho Chi Minh City and I am so excited – hopefully we will be drinking cocktails at the highest building afterwards! 
But now to the wish list. I wanted to share my some beauty wish bits. Don’t worry, this isn’t the whole list but it would have been too huge of a post otherwise! Skincare is the first category. I really want to get more into skin care and these products are ones that I have been hearing loads about – Especially the Emma Hardie Amazing face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moriga Cleansing Balm – wowza a name! 

Make up wise I am so in love in the Lorac Pro palette! I kind of really need it in my life – as if I need more eyeshadows! Two other make up bits are two Nars products; The Radient Creamy Concealer and The Sheer Glow Foundation. I haven’t lost my Nars-virginity, these are definitely on the top picks! 

Next is the Brush Corner! I don’t really need a bunch of new brushes – or do I? Well, I really want to try Sigma brushes (yes I know, slaps her wrist). Zoeva brushes are brushes I hear a lot about in the whole youtube/blogger community. This set is just gorgeous. It’s from the Rose Gold Collection and I need them. 

Lastly, the hair! I have been on the hunt for the perfect heat protecting spray. This Bumble & Bumble Does It All Styling Spray is both heat protecting but also styling – as the name nicely informs you. The Moroccan Oil is something you NEED in your life and mine is totally empty. 

Do let me know if you have tried any of these products! I would love to know if they’re any good! 

Have a lovely day! <3

Lot of love
Marie-Louise xx

A little PS for my mom: Some of these products have links from Nicehair.dk & Makeup-online.dk *hint, hint*

Birthday Wish List // The one with ..

Wish List: The one with .. no beauty bits!
Happy Friday, y’all! Wow where did that come from .. y’all!? I’m in a relaxing, happy Friday mood today. Tonight I’m going out for dinner and to the cinema with the girls I’m travelling with – we’re going to watch 22 Jump Street and I’m SO excited! Tomorrow, we’re celebrating my birthday with home cooked dinner, drinks, karaoke (as you do in Vietnam) and dancing – of cause! 

My birthday is coming up next week, so I wanted to make a little wish list – which ended in me doing two instead. One with no beauty bits, and a beauty one. I could come up with more things but these are the in the top of my wishes! 

On the top TOP of my list is a camera! I don’t have a particular one in mind – so do leave me some suggestions, please! I’ve been asking a bit on twitter (psst mlhauken) and people have been very nice and helping me to find the perfect one! Thank you. I would love one that takes lovely pictures but also film really well. Some studio lights are also on the list for the pictures I will be taking with the new camera. Wish wish wish!  

Another item that on the top TOP is a juicer! I’ve been drinking so many juices here in Vietnam and I’m addicted and need at juicer at home. That’s it, do I need to say more? 

The last couple of bits are some books; The Fault In Our Stars and all of the I Heart.. books, please! I’m also in need of a diary and I was browsing around and found this beaut of a diary – simple yet beautiful! Whilst I was looking on the Zara Home page I found some bedding – some beautiful bedding. I always seem to wish for bedding for my birthday and this time I fell for this Zara Home one! 

Do you have any camera suggestions? Have you read some of the books?
Do let me know in the comments <3

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

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Fragrance Direct Loves

Fragrance Direct wish list
Hi you lovely bunch! How are you today? Right now we’re having a teeny-tiny break in Economics so I thought I would share a little wish list and a new beauty-site find! Fragrance Direct is a site I’ve come across due to lots of other bloggers and man.. They have some great findings! I obviously – due to the name duh – went to have a peek at the fragrances. A perfume I’ve been dying to try is the Stella McCartney Stella Print Collection – and the blue one is just gorgeous! Aaaand it’s on offer for only £29.95! Another perfume lust is the Vera Wang Lovestruck – again look at the bottle! This one is on offer for only £26.95. 

I’ve been meaning to pick up some Decléor products and these are just some of them. I’ve always heard great things about the brand and would love to see what the fuzz is about. Make-up wise I already own two of the L’oréal Color Infallible but would love more and especially this colour or like it! Lastly, you can never have too many make-up brushes! Real Techniques is, of course, on the list as I only own the Core Collection and would love more! Another brand I’ve heard great brush-y things about is the Eco Tools and this one looks lovely. 

Did you know Fragrance Direct? Do you have a favourite beauty site? Would looooove new ones <3

// Translation 
Hey ey! Hvordan har I det i dag? Vi har en mini pause i Økonomi så jeg tænkte at jeg lige ville dele en lækker ønskeliste og et nyt skønheds-side-fund! Fragrance Direct er en sidde jeg har fundet via andre, specielt UK bloggers.. Og mand, de har nogle lækre ting! Jeg kiggede lidt på parfumerne og Stella McCartney Stella Print Collection og Vera Wang Lovestruck er bestemt på min liste – amen se på dem! 

Et mærke som jeg gerne vil prøve lidt fra er Decléor og en ny oile og ansigts creme ville ikke se dumt ud på min skønhedshylde 😉 Noget, som jeg synes vi mangler i Danmark, er flere farver fra L’oréals Color Infallible linje, men så er det godt at man kan få fat i nogle herinde. De har en masse farver men lige præcis denne er superb lækker! Som mange andre skønheds-freaks så mener jeg at man aldrig kan have for mange makeup pensler – eller kan man? 😉 Real Techniques er bestemt på min liste, da jeg gerne vil have fingrene i flere – har kun the Core Collection lige nu. Et andet interessant mærke er Eco Tools, dette brand har jeg hørt godt om rundt omkring i blogger verden! 

Har du hørt om Fragrance Direct? Hvad er din ynglings skønhedsshoppeside? <3

Lots of love

PS. Med hensyn til mine 2 lækre giveaways så har jeg valgt at lade dem køre til d. 30. Januar da de lige er kommet ind imellem det hele. Så deltag gerne her og her <3 

Wish List With a Twist // Skin Care Bits

(Organic Surge, Esteé Lauder, Lush & Una Brennan)
I have permission to use all the pictures which are property of the bloggers mentioned
I’ve actually been a good girl and been up to date with reading blogs lately. I love reading blogs but sometimes I just need the 25th! I always get inspiration for what to buy and for what not to buy. The problem with reading loads of blogs is that most bloggers are such enablers and I usually fall in love with positive reviews – but who doesn’t!?

I felt like making a little wish list, I love to create them, do the research and share the things with you. But I wanted to do a wish list with a twist today as I really like finding new blogs with awesome posts and reviews. Aaaand I really really like to discover new brands and products – which I OF COURSE need in my life. 

Therefore I wanted to share 4 different products and 4 lovely blogs with you. 
The first bits aren’t exactly all skin care bits but I just wanted to share this whole bundle with you. Organic Surge is a brand I wasn’t familiar with before reading Gemma’s post. And might I just say that I need to get my mitts in that bundle. She captures me with the way she describes the products in such details, that you can’t go wrong buying one of her positive reviews.

Now to the products. The Organic Surge Blogger Bundle is a mix of shower, creams and a hair mask. Everything from Organic Surge is free from parabens, synthetic colours & fragrances, mineral oil and other nasties. Which was what sold me on the brand! The Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel contains Mint and Citrus *as the name nicely hints* which is perfect for me – who wouldn’t want to smell like a delicious Mojitoooo!? Their Organic Surge 2 Minute Moisture Mask is a product she has already raved about and is a mask for dull, dry or frizzy hair! With my coloured and bit curly hair this mask sounds amazing + I love that the Coconut Oil Scent lingers – love me some coconut! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect hand cream and the Organic Surge Lavender Meadow Hand & Nail Cream sounds smooth-ly amazing. Lastly for this bundle is the  Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser which is described as a lightweight moisturiser and this had me hooked – I don’t like thick moisturisers on my face. The best part of the bundle is the price! Only £20.95 for the whole bundle! If some of this sounds right up your street, you need to take a peek at the full indept review here and why not follow her for more great reviews!
Every blogger, none-blogger and their mother have heard about this serum! I haven’t tried any serums – yes I know, shame on me. But since Autumn is obviously here and winter and even colder weather is coming, my face needs some more moisture. Dolled Up London is a blog I enjoy reading and check up on everytime a new post appears. Nuria is just such a lovable blogger who works a Benefit – that lucky lucky lady! She has both showed this bottle of wonders in a haul and a tag and in both posts she mentions that she already sees improvement! Give it to meeee. You need to stop by the blog and see her lovely posts about everything beauty here.

LUSH Cosmetics Buffy Shower Scrub – Little Miss Average

So when I read this review, this product made it on my wish list immediately! I’ve only tried LUSH’s lipscrub but I need to check more stuff out! Megan totally sold me on this scrub. I love scrubs and the feeling afterwards – you feel so clean and smooth! LUSH Cosmetics Buffy Shower Scrub is a chunky bar packed with coca and sheabutter which will leave the skin with a smooth feeling – the ground rice, almonds and beans exfoliates. You will not need to moisturise your body afterwards – bam, Im sold! If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know I hate moisturising. She reviews this product with her southern charm as she does with all of her posts! Her blog has come a long way in no time and I see why – I remember just a couple of months back when I was her 100th follower and now she has over 700. Well done, lovely! If you want to be Southern Charmed by Little Miss Average you need to stop by here
I think that every UK blogger have been reviewing products by Una Brennan especially the Super Facialst Tea Flower Deep Clean Clay Mask and it kills me that you can’t get a hold of it online! If any of you know a place (international) where you can get it, PLEASE let me know in the comments. Emmy describes the mask as light on the skin, which I like the sound of and unlike most other clay masks it doesn’t leave your skin feel dry. She also reviewed the Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil sounds amazing too and I really need to get my mitts in some of these products. Life by Emmy is a blog I just recently started following but I’m already loving her posts and her easy writing. She writes about everything – fashion, beauty, travels – if you fancy peeking at her blog here’s her link.

So this was my kind of long wish list with a twist! If you liked it, please let me know as I’m already working on the next one. 

Do you any of these products on your wish list? & do you follow these blogs? If not go do it via the links (do tell them that I sent you 😉 )

Lots of Love
Marie-Louise x

Wish List // Cherry Culture + Promo Code!

Hi there beautiful ! Yay, a new post from meeee. Hope you are doing well? I just got a job which means more shopping and saving for me! I am so freaking happy and to celebrate that I felt like shopping, as you do! But my purse won’t let me until payday on mondaaay so I thought that I would share a wish list from a online shop which stocks Milani and NYX and many other American brands – This is heaven for me as I really want to try some 🙂 

I found this online shopping heaven via one of my favourite Danish youtubers – Nordicbeautysecrets. You Danish girls should definitely take a peek and subscribe to her channel. She has just done a haul featuring some products from Cherry Culture. She bought some Milani Color Statement Lipstick which looked gorgeous so I definitely needed some of those – afterwards she instagram’ed me that I needed to pick some up! The three colours I have picked are – from the top & down – Flamingo Pose, High Voltage and Ruby Valentine. How cute are the names? Love Flamingo Pose. Another product she showed in her haul was the Milani Baked Blushes in Rose D’oro. I have heard loads about these blushes and this colour looked beautiful and shimmer-y! 

As for NYX products!? The list is endless but I needed to contain myself and only choose some products for my first Cherry-shopping-experience! The first thing that definitely will be coming home to mamma is the Nyx Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige – which isn’t exactly beige, isn’t it 😉 If you have not seen the colour before then take a peek on the picture. The ‘beige’ is the pinky one 🙂 I’ve heard a great deal about this little gem and Cecilia (nordicbeautysecrets) have made me lustering even more. The only negative thing is the taste/smell but I think I can live with that. Yes, I am a little obsessed with lip products, so I of course need this Nyx Matte Lipstick in Pure Red – I haven’t tried any matte lipsticks and who doesn’t love a classic red lip? Lastly, the eyeshadow palette in Fall in Love in Paris looked so fitting for Autumn. They have a lot of different colours, trios and single eyeshadows. 

If my first shipping goes well I will definitely be a regular shopper at Cherry Culture and if you feel like taking a peek and even shop now, then do it before Monday September 30th as they have a 40 % of everything! How insane is that? So what is the code well here it is – FBI2013 

Also, if you have any recommendation for Jordana products, do let me know in the comments as I would love to try some of their products too <3 

Have a fab Friday and happy Cherry Shopping

Thank you so much for reading – oh and I am this months Member of the Month over on elfcosmeticsdk’s blog – yaaay <3

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Hi, Girlies!
How are you all doing? This weather is making me feel fresh, happy and active. It’s May which means spring, nature and birds singing, it also mean that mothers day is just around the corner (Sunday in Denmark) and it’s time to show your mother a little looove! Here are some mother’s day gift ideas, if you’re buying them a little late 🙂

1. Tickets to the cinema
A little trip to the cinema never hurts anyone. Find a girlie movie and take your mother. She would love some time mother-daughter time. You could maybe even take her out for dinner before the movie

2. Breakfast in bed
She would love this easy, simple idea. Who wouldn’t? Breakfast in bed is always a winner, plus it’s a student friendly present – if you of course are home that day.

3. Gift-basket
You can put anything you want in a basket. Customised, so it fits your mothers needs and wants. Creams, masks, nail polish, bath soap, shower gel and all kind of girlie-beauty related things.

4. Perfume 
There’s not a lot to say about perfume! It’s a lovely present, that she will love, do doubt. Just find one that she loves, maybe her signature or a new fresh scent.

5. Spa
This is one of the more expensive presents, but think about it, it can also benefit you! 😉 This will be a day or weekend where you and your mother can bond, have some girlie-fun and just be together.

6. Flowers
Something as simple as a flower bouquet is going to make your mother happy. A great student buy, as you can get a delivery service to deliver them, if you’re able to be there.

This was my quick little gift idea post. Hopefully it was useful and gave you some ideas, if haven’t found something already! Would love to know what you’re getting your mother for Mothers Day? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading

Love Marie-Louise x

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Payday Wishlist

Tomorrow is the day. The day where you get paid. Finally! I just love paydays, but then again everybody love paydays 😉 So, I thought that I would do a little payday wishlist.   

Now, I saw this little fun idea over at Kayleigh’s blog, so I thought that I would make one myself. Here we go:

1) THE BODY SHOP Mango Body Scrub: I’ve had this before in a sample size and I love it. My legs are very dry and this scrub is for very dry skin and it works. My legs feels fabulous after using this. So I’ve been craving for this in a while and tomorrow I’m gonna get it.

2) MICHAEL TODD TRUE ORGANIC Avocado and Mango Facial Mask: Wups, a long name. I’ve heard a lot about this brand through my addiction to watching youtube videos. All of their products are free from any nasties and they are organic. I just want to know what all of the fuzz is about. If you want to know more about this brand, here’s a link.
Now to this particular product. I really want a new face mask, so I went and looked at their site, and this sounds really lovely. It’s suppose to be really hydrating and leave the face feeling nourished and soft.

3) RIMMEL LONDON Apocalips: I haven’t got that much to say about these other than I LOVE THEM. I already have two and I need more. Plus, I just saw that they have been released in the local drugstore in Denmark. Yes, please!

4) GARNIER BB Cream: I haven’t tried any BB creams yet but I really wanna try them. It is suppose to give a light coverage which is perfect when the weather starts getting warmer. This Garnier one is cheap and I’ve heard that it is a great purchase.

5)THE BODY SHOP Coconut Body Butter: If you love them smell of coconut, you’ll love this. But if you can’t stand the smell of it, you’ll hate this. I’ve had this before as well. I got a sample of this and the coconut scrub as a Christmas present from my brother and that made me miss it. And since I’ve used the samples all up I’ve been wanting buy it again. The coconut butter is for dry skin, so again great for my legs – and of course the rest of my body.

6) MICHAEL TODD TRUE ORGANICS Intensive Organic Eye Cream: I need a good eye cream. The one I use now – is not bad but it just doesn’t do it for me. So, hopefully this is a good eye cream. I love that it come with a pump instead of a jar.

7) MICHAEL TODD TRUE ORGANICS Jojoba Charoal Face Scub: There’s just something about this scrub that I really want to try. The Jojoba wax beads provide a gentle exfoliation which is great for all skin types.

This is my little wishlist. While writing this I got even more exited about these products. I need them now 😉
I’m definitely going to make a cheeky purchase on Michael Todd’s site. Yay.

Have you tried any of the products in this post? What is on your payday wishlist this month? If you have a blog an you’ve made one please link it below, I would love to see it and discover new products 🙂

Have a lovely day

Thanks for reading
Love Marie-Louise xx

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Shopping: Spring Wedding Anniversary

On the 10th of April 1963 two very important people in my life walked down the aisle and got married. These two people are my mother’s parents and my grand parents. So, on Wednesday the 10th of April 2013 we are celebrating their love to each other and their 50th wedding anniversary! Therefore, I did a little shopping: 

I have a thing for Topshop dresses so this was one of the first places I looked. I just fell in LOVE with this beautiful orange shift dress. The colour is great for spring and summer. I think I can use this dress both as a dressy evening outfit or for a casual spring day.
The only problem is that I ordered it a bit too late, so I’m still waiting for the nice post lady to come with my parcel! Fingers crossed that it will be here tomorrow.. Nice, M-L, nice! Irony is in the air.

My sister ordered her dress on Asos, so I quickly jumped for the chance to get me some Rimmel Apocalips! I really wanted the colour called Big Bang but it was sold out, together with a lot of the other colours, so my only choices were Stella and Celestial, so that is what I got! Now, they are at my sister’s, so I haven’t seen them yet but I think that I’m going to wear Stella (The strong pink one) on Wednesday!

I needed a nude and a new black eyeliner so I wanted to try the Rimmel ones – they are suppose to be good. The belt is also from Asos.

Strong orange dress, strong pink lips, simple winged eyeliner and black pumps! This is going to be great, if I get the dress!

So, are you going to some big family events this year? Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? Let me now in the comments beeelooow 😉

Have a nice night… Or day, depending on where in the World you are 🙂

Thanks for reading
Love Marie-Louise x

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Wish Lists: Budget #1

Today I’ve made a little budget wish list! I got the inspiration from a makeup tutorial I watched on youtube – Pixiwoo. I love the look she did, especially the eyes – gorgeous, do I have to say more!? 

So why not start with the eyes!

MUA 12 Shade Palette in Heaven and Earth £4: I think that this is a palette that everyone can use, and I need to get my hands in this! It’s perfect for a day and night smokey eye but it’s also perfect for only applying one shade. I need this palette in my collection and it’s only £4 (34DDK) Bargain! That’s all I have to say. You can get your hands in this here.

e.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium £3.75: I have kind of bushy eyebrows but sometimes I feel that they need to be filled in a bit – just a little bit. I’ve heard a lot about this kit and it’s suppose to be really good. It’s a wax formula which helps the brows to stay in place. Unfortunately, the kit is always out of stock! But if it comes back in stock, it’s MINE and it can be yours too, buy it here.

GOSH Show Me Volume £10: I know that you can get mascaras cheaper than this one, but I had to show you guys this. I love this mascara. I try new mascaras all the time but I keep going back to this one. The brush can be a bit overwhelming, at first as it is the size of a bumble bee! But I think that’s what I like about it. I feel that it gives my lashes extra volume. Your lashes can get all voluminous too right here.

Now to the lovely cheeks.

e.l.f. Blush in Candid Coral £3.75: I just ordered a blush from e.l.f. in the colour Blushin Rose – review’s on the way. I’m really looking forward to try it and if it’s good, then this will be the next colour in my collection. If you want this, or any of the other colours, then take a look on e.l.f.

TOPSHOP Face Sculpting Palette In Kick Start £12,50 (108DDK): Now, this is pricier than the other products but in defence it is a 4in1. This kit have creamy blush, highlight and bronzer. You can blend them or just use them the way they are. I think it’s a really great palette and it’s easy to take with when pack for a trip. If you’re interested in this beautiful kit – take a peek here.

The lips need some colour too.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Neutral Mauve $6 (£4): I really adore this colour. I haven’t seen the colour in real life but I imagine that it is a nude plum colour. I haven’t heard that much about NYX lipsticks, it’s more the blushes that’s in the limelight, but they have some gorgeous colours, see all of them here.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Tea Rose $5 (£3.30): I’m not the biggest lip gloss fan but I’ve heard some great things about these lip glosses and hopefully they’re not as sticky as many other glosses. I really liked this colour and it could work great over the lipstick. Take a peek on this colour or come of the others here.
One more thing about the NYX products – they are damn cheap!

Tools to set the makeup 

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set £3.75: To keep all of these makeup items in place all day I really want to try this spray. I have no idea if is works, but I have a feeling that it will. You can take a look at this spray right here.

NYX and e.l.f. Brushes: To put on all of these makeup items, you need some brushes. I found these from NYX and e.l.f. Blush brush from NYX $9.50 (£6.30), Shadow Smokie Fat from NYX $4 (£2.60) and the to blend the eyeshadow nicely in you can use the Blending Eye Brush from e.l.f. £1.5

Sorry if this post is a bit too long, but hope you like it and that it was useful.

Do you also make wish lists? Have you tried any of these products – what are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments beloooow! 🙂

Thanks for reading

Marie-Louise x

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