Help Me Win A Trip To Paris!!

Hi lovelies!

This is going to a short little post, but do you remember my previous post about

I’m now a FINALIST and need your help by voting on me. It only takes 2 seconds and would mean the world to me <3

All you have to do is click on this link and click on a green button. It is as simple as that and it would make me a HAPPY GIRL !

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If I win, I’ll be doing some shopping which means French Hauls and posts updating you guys with beautiful Paris picures 🙂

So girls, please help me win <3
Have a beautiful day!

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Get To Know Me: 25 Tings About Me

1. I have a younger brother and sister – 16 and 20. I love them and I’m proud to be their big sister.
2. I’m 21 years young – turning 22 July 2.
3. My favourites colour is purple 
4. I’m a thinker. I think waaaay to much, when I’m alone.
5. But talk a lot when I’m with people I feel comfortable with
6. From August-December 2012 I took a semester in Shanghai, China – And loved it

7. I was VERY claustrophobic before I went to China. You have to take the metro to get around and I took the elevator to the 8. floor every day in my  9 weeks internship. Now, I’m okay with it, but I don’t love it.
8. Love to cook and bake. I just hate to take the dishes afterwards. I’ve shared two recipes here on the blog – Cookies and Date Balls
9. I do not own a drivers licence
10. I’m a bit afraid of heights – even though I’ve been 474 m up in the air

11. Love my friends but have never had a best friend
12. I’m very positive when it comes to everybody and everything else but me
13. Was a rhythmic gymnast for 11 years if you count “mother/daughter-gymnastics”
14. Loved playing “Tekken”on PS, when I was younger and was really good at it, if I may say. Haven’t played it for years now.
15. My physics teacher was so proud of me at my 9. grade exam, that he wanted to give me a bouquet red roses.
16. Addicted to TV-series. Reality, and “normal” TV-series – you name it
17. LOVE social media – twitter, facebook, instagram. This allows me to get in contact with people with the same interests as me – like you guys <3
18. Next year I really want to take a semester in a English talking country
19. My name is Marie-Louise and I’m a chocoholic
20. I’m convinced that there are buh-men behind the shower curtains when I come home late at night. So I have to check them before I go to bed. May I just emphasise that my apartment is only 26 square meters!
21. I hate when my apartment is messy – but I’m the biggest mess-head ever.
22. Suffer from extreme winter depression
23. Moved out when I was 19
24. Love to laugh
25. Love wearing sunglasses

This was 25 facts about me 🙂 Hope you liked it. Let me know in the comments below, if you did one too. Love these kind of tags.

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Love Marie-Louise xx

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Recipe: Date Balls

I’ve been baking again. Or these are not going to be baked, so I’ve actually just been mixing ingredients together which has given this lovely sweet-tooth-snack result. These date balls are a great, healthy option for anyone with a late night sweet tooth. They do not contain flour or sugar. Yay! 

This recipe makes 30-35 balls:
150 g Dried dates (stoneless)
75 g  Almonds
40 g  Oats
40 g  Coconut flakes
30 g  Unsweetened cacao powder
Splash of water
Some extra coconut flakes to roll the ball in

Start by weighing the dry ingredients. Put them in a bowl and put the bowl away for later use. 
Then you need to blend the dates and the almonds together. It can get a little dry so add a splash of water, but be careful not to get if too wet. 
When the dates and almonds are blended into a nice, firm consistency, you blend the dry ingredients into the mix. All you need to do now is roll it into balls. They look quite big in the pictures, but they are only about the same size as a table tennis ball, or smaller. 

And there you go! You have a nice sweet snack. They could also be a great gift for when you’re visiting your parents, grand parents or just a friend. Put them in a little jar and wrap a ribbon around it. Fun, tasty little present that everyone would love.

They taste better if they cool down a little bit in the fridge, where they should also be stored.

Do you like these recipe, food posts? I quite like doing them even though I only have 2 post so far. The other posts is a unhealthy, but tasty cookie recipe. You can take a peek here.

Let me know if you try these ball by tagging me on a picture on instagram or tweeting me – @mlhauken.

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Marie-Louise xx

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Hi, Girlies!
How are you all doing? This weather is making me feel fresh, happy and active. It’s May which means spring, nature and birds singing, it also mean that mothers day is just around the corner (Sunday in Denmark) and it’s time to show your mother a little looove! Here are some mother’s day gift ideas, if you’re buying them a little late 🙂

1. Tickets to the cinema
A little trip to the cinema never hurts anyone. Find a girlie movie and take your mother. She would love some time mother-daughter time. You could maybe even take her out for dinner before the movie

2. Breakfast in bed
She would love this easy, simple idea. Who wouldn’t? Breakfast in bed is always a winner, plus it’s a student friendly present – if you of course are home that day.

3. Gift-basket
You can put anything you want in a basket. Customised, so it fits your mothers needs and wants. Creams, masks, nail polish, bath soap, shower gel and all kind of girlie-beauty related things.

4. Perfume 
There’s not a lot to say about perfume! It’s a lovely present, that she will love, do doubt. Just find one that she loves, maybe her signature or a new fresh scent.

5. Spa
This is one of the more expensive presents, but think about it, it can also benefit you! 😉 This will be a day or weekend where you and your mother can bond, have some girlie-fun and just be together.

6. Flowers
Something as simple as a flower bouquet is going to make your mother happy. A great student buy, as you can get a delivery service to deliver them, if you’re able to be there.

This was my quick little gift idea post. Hopefully it was useful and gave you some ideas, if haven’t found something already! Would love to know what you’re getting your mother for Mothers Day? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading

Love Marie-Louise x

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I’ve been norminated

Hi lovelies!
So, yesterday I got a lovely tweet from Becky. She had nominated me for the Liebster Award. Happy girl right here 🙂 
Basically, its an award which gets passed around to blogs to help get them notice. This is just a lovely and fun idea! You can get to know more about the blogger and show them that you love their blogs.

Sorry for the quality

The rules:
1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you
2. Choose 11 new blogger to pass the awards to and link them in your post
3. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award
5. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves
6. No tag-backs

Becky’s questions: 
1. Who designed your layout and what do you love about it?
Right now the layout is “designed” by myself. But I really want to have designed by someone who have an idea of what they are doing 😉 Html-codes and I are just not best friends at the moment. But I still love my dotted background and the colour.

2. What do you love most about blogging? 
I love the blogger community. I love to share my passion to others that will appreciate it as much as I do. I love reading and seeing others passion for blogging. I love taking and editing my photos. Blogging is kind of my space where I can do what I love.

3. What posts are your favourite to read?
I love DIY. It makes me want to be creative. I also love empties. Because people have actually tried and used the products for a long time. Love to know their experiences with the products.

4. Whats your all time favourite foundation?
Now, I only just bought my first foundation. Yeah, I know. How could I live without foundation??
My skin have never really been in a bad condition and a lot of my friends had the “dreaded foundation mask” and I just didn’t want that mask. But the one I use, I love. It’s the RIMMEL LONDON Wake Me Up Foundation. It gives a great coverage and is long lasting on me.

5. What product could you not live without?
Right now it would probably be my MAYBELLINE Gel Eyeliner. I use it every day, and I just love it.

6. Favourite lipstick?
I’m a bright lip lover. I love the spring/summer trend this year. I don’t know if this count as a lipstick, but I love the RIMMEL LONDON Apocalips in 401 Aurora.

7. Favourtie perfume? 
It’s a tie between Chloé Eau de Perfum and Miss Dior Cherie. Can’t describe scents and why I love them. I just do.

8. Do you think you will ever venture out to youtube?
At the moment, no. But I think about it often. I like to think I would do it in the future. But I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to things I love. So my spoken English have to better, the same with my self confidence.

9. What is your favourite blog to read?
I really love Couture girl, Viviannadoesmakeup and Essiebutton 🙂 Love the way they all write and especially love all the skin care knowledge Vivianna have and shares.

10. What do you think makes a good blog
Versatility! Love when bloggers do all kinds of posts. Reviews, hauls, OOTD, DYI, foodpost and so on 🙂

11. How do you follow blogs?
I follow on GFC and Bloglovin. And I love to support and follow blogs on social sites – twitter, instagram.

Random facts:
1. I’m Danish
2. I love travelling. Haven’t been able to do it as often as I would have liked, but love it anyways.
3. Took a semester in Shanghai, China last year.
4. Would love to live in England
5. Don’t know if I’ve chosen the right education
6. I’m a lipstick lover
7. Want to take a semester in London next year
8. Love to spend money on presents – and be creative with presents
9. Don’t know what I want to do with my life
10. I’m addicted to crappy reality-tv
11. Should be writing my exam-report about sourcing to China!

My nominations:
Hayley – Beautyrambles
Beth – All Things Beautiful
Steph – Bonjour Belle xo
Kayleigh – Couture Girl
Charlie – Eat Play Shop Love
Megan – Escape Though My Eyes
Cassidy – Hot Mess In A Dress
Sophia – Sophia Meola
Charlotte – Style and Splurging
Carissa – Vanilla Crush
Danielle – The Imperfect Beauty

My questions:
1. What is your favourite post on your blog?
2. Why did you start blogging?
3. What is your favourite BB Cream?
4. What is your most have product?
5. What was your first beauty product?
6. Favourite TV-show?
7. Do you follow blogs on their social media profiles?
8. If you had one wish that would come true, what would it be?
9. What’s your favourite nail polish brand and colour?
10. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
11.What is your morning skin care routine?

Sorry for this really long post 🙂 But I want to thank Becky for tagging me, go check her blog out.

I look forward to reading all of the answers from the girls!

Have a nice weekend

Thanks for reading
Love Marie-Louise xx

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NOTD: Essie – Bond With Whomever

This week I’m at my moms. She lives on the country side, so there’s a lot of nature. Therefore I thought it would be a lovely opportunity to show you my FIRST Essie Nail Polish ever in the grass.

I finally caved and got one. My mom and I went into Matas (like boots) yesterday and they had 25 % off on all nail polishes. Yay! I’ve been wanting a Essie Polish in ages but they are a little expensive.

Now, that I’ve used it I see what all of the fuzz is about these. They are amazing and easy to apply. The colour range is also amazing. I really wanted a pastel lilac and I could pick between 4 different shades. It was definitely hard to find which one I liked the most, but at the end I chose Bond With Whomever. A beautiful beautiful lilac colour. I really adore it and I think I’m going to use it a lot this spring and summer.

I’m definitely going to buy more Essie Polishes. Saw Mint Candy Apple and that is probably going to be next purchase. It’s just a gorgeous pastel mint colour.

Do you own any Essie polishes? If so, which would you recommend me buying? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading

Marie-Louise xx

PS. I’m on instagram (mlhauken),  if you want to see pictures from my daily life. I’m also on Twitter for daily tweets and for weekly posts, then you can follow me on bloglovin 

Mini Haul: The Body Shop

I went on a cheeky little trip to The Body Shop the other day. Here’s what I got. Yes, I clearly LOVED orange that day 😉

May I just add, that the store I went into have been renovated quite nicely. Open and easy to find what you want. Is it that way with all The Body Shop stores? Have they all been renovated nicely? 
I intentionally went into get the Mango Body Butter, which I got, and the Coconut Body Scrub. The scrub didn’t make it into my basket, as I have a Comwell salt scrub and a little coconut scrub sample. So I’m going to empty those first. 
MANGO BODY BUTTER 160 DDK (£ 13): I have VERY dry legs, so I need hydration so they can get nice, smooth and ready for the summer.This is one of the only creams/butters that have given my legs enough moisture. This body butter is made for very dry skin and has mango seed oil from India which moisturise the skin. I love it. So it made it into my basket, of course!
ENERGISING FACE SPRITZ – VITAMIN C 125 DDK (£ 9): The next thing I picked up was this face spritz from the Vitamin C line. I hadn’t heard of this before so I took my time with this line. There’s a lot of stuff that I really want from that line, but I’m going to do a little research before I go buy them. Have any of you tried the Vitamin C Skin Reviver? Let me know in the comments below. I really want to try it. 
OK, lets get going with the product I bought. I feel like my skin is looking a bit dull at the moment and I was looking for some kind of pick-me-up and this exactly what this is. Instant pick-me-up to refresh and smooth. I asked at the counter if I could use it before and after make up for a pick-me-up so that the make up stays put – and this is actually what it is for. So I just needed to try it! Also, I love the scent. It’s a fresh citrus scent. 
MANGO SHOWER GEL 60 DDK (£ 4): I didn’t actually buy this. I got it for free because of the amount I spend in the store. It’s a soap-free cleanser with mango fruit extract, which I’ll use with my bath gloves.

ORANGE BATH GLOVES 30 DDK (£ 4). I love to exfoliate my body soaps/gels in with these gloves. 
This is my little haul from The Body Shop. Oh, I also bought a membership, so that I can get a lot of different benefits when I shop. I get a birthday present, 10 % every time I buy something and other small treats. I actually saved 90 DDK (£ 10) on this little shopping spree.  
Have you tried any of the products? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments beeelow. 
Thanks for reading 
Have a lovely day
Marie-Louise xx
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Monthly Favourites: April 2013

It’s a new month, which means time for the monthly favourites. April have been long and cold for me. I think it’s because of the weather I’m a person who get really effected by the weather, and when it’s sunny and warm I feel much better and fresh. But here in Denmark it has been really cold and non-springy. Plus, I was sick for 2 weeks of the month, which doesn’t make it better. I did a “how to survive sickness” post if you haven’t read it 😉
Fortunately, May has come to my rescue! And spring has arrived! YES, love it!

Without even thinking about it I had 6 favourites where I had 2 products in 3 categories: Brushes, Make up and Hair. Lets get going with the first category: Brushes.

REAL TECHNIQUES Buffing Brush: I freaking love all of my Real Techniques brushes! The quality is amazing and it applies the make up so nicely. I would definitely recommend this brand to you. If you don’t have any of these brushes and want to know more about them you can take a peek here and if you want to see my first impression of The Core Collection here’s a link.
This brush in particular is the Buffing Brush. I use it to buff my foundation into my skin. It works perfectly and distribute the foundation lovely on my face. I’m in LOVE with this brush.

MAC 217 brush: I love this brush. I’ve been wanting this for a while and after I purchased it, I’ve been using this every time I’m wearing eyeshadow. I’m actually consider buying one more. I use this both for applying eyeshadow but also for blending the eyeshadow. It’s just a beautiful brush.

My second category this month – and probably a lot of other months – is Make Up:

EYE LIPS FACE (E.L.F.) Golden Bronzer:  I’ll be doing a E.L.F make up review of the products I bought two months ago which I made a first impression on here. But this bronzer is really good. I don’t use it as a bronzer, I use it as a highlighter and occasionally as eyeshadow. It gives a beautiful highlight to the skin and I really adore the packaging.

MAYBELLINE Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H: I’ve been using this loads in April and I’ll probably also be using this loads in the future. I’ve been using this for a neutral eye look with a bright lip. This is also a product that I’ll be doing a review on. But I have to say I really LOVE it.

My third and last category is Hair

JOICO K-Pak Color Therapy: In the beginning of April I went to the hairdresser and got my hair did. I cut a haircut – 15 cm was lying on the floor when I left, and got it coloured too. No surprise to a lot of you that I got it ombre. Yes, I know that in a lot of countries I’m behind in that trend, but here in Denmark people haven’t really picked it up, yet, so you can say that I’m ahead of the trend here 😉
Now, let’s get going with this product which I bought it at the hairdresser. This oil is made for coloured hair, which is perfect. I use it both in damp and dry hair. In damp hair for a leave-in-treatment and in dry hair to give it a little more shine. Just one pump is fine – sometimes I use a bit more for the bleached ends.

REMINTON Pearl Pro Curl: This is a curling iron I use A LOT. Because of its big thickness? If you can it like that. It gives my hair big, beautiful Hollywood waves. It is 32 mm (1.25 inches). I use is both for day and night. For day I just take bigger wisps of hair so I give a bit more neutral look.

I think that was it. It have been a less-make-up-month as I’ve been sick and I’m studying for an exam so I stayed and still staying home a lot.

I would love to know what your favourites was in April – let me know in the comments below. I love reading others favourites to find new products that I can try – my purse however hates them 😉

Have a lovely day/night

Thanks for reading
Love Marie-Louise xx

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