Hi ladies! So I think I’ll get the update out of the way. I have been meaning to blog A LOT MORE than what I’ve done but I have had some kind of weird virus which has slowed my computer down and have tested my patience. I had to get my hands in a extern hard disk so I could save everything before I reinstalled my computer. Yes it’s kind of complicated but the point is that I’m able to blog again and that makes me so happy <3 

So now to the fun part of this post – the polishes! Over the last couple of weeks I have collected these gorgeous polishes. These gems are some that I’am going to use loads over the next couple of weeks – though my nails are so short and totally broken – I have no idea why. Stress maybe? 

Rimmel London is one of my all time fave makeup brands so I have no idea why this is my first polish from the brand. I have only heard great thing about their Salon Pro range and so I picked up the colour 402 Urban Purple. It’s a beautiful pink-ish purple and so pretty if you’re not feeling the reds this season. 

I have been meaning to pick something up from & Other Stories – gorgeous brand and definitely a brand I could see myself get more from. I picked this beautiful deep deep navy colour with the name Crespo Midnight. It’s very dark – almost black – but in the right light it’s so beautiful! 

Believe it or not but I just noticed that every polish is a first for me! haha. Polishes from The Body Shop are one of my moms favourite brands and so she gave me a polish. Originally it was a classical red but I felt I needed something a little different in my collection and that’s how I got my first The Body Shop Polish in the colour Got The Blues

Have you tried any of these? Would you like to see some NOTD? Let me know in the comments! <3
Lot of love
Marie-Louise xx

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