My Face is Wearing #1

Wish Lists: Budget #1

Today I’ve made a little budget wish list! I got the inspiration from a makeup tutorial I watched on youtube – Pixiwoo. I love the look she did, especially the eyes – gorgeous, do I have to say more!? 

So why not start with the eyes!

MUA 12 Shade Palette in Heaven and Earth £4: I think that this is a palette that everyone can use, and I need to get my hands in this! It’s perfect for a day and night smokey eye but it’s also perfect for only applying one shade. I need this palette in my collection and it’s only £4 (34DDK) Bargain! That’s all I have to say. You can get your hands in this here.

e.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium £3.75: I have kind of bushy eyebrows but sometimes I feel that they need to be filled in a bit – just a little bit. I’ve heard a lot about this kit and it’s suppose to be really good. It’s a wax formula which helps the brows to stay in place. Unfortunately, the kit is always out of stock! But if it comes back in stock, it’s MINE and it can be yours too, buy it here.

GOSH Show Me Volume £10: I know that you can get mascaras cheaper than this one, but I had to show you guys this. I love this mascara. I try new mascaras all the time but I keep going back to this one. The brush can be a bit overwhelming, at first as it is the size of a bumble bee! But I think that’s what I like about it. I feel that it gives my lashes extra volume. Your lashes can get all voluminous too right here.

Now to the lovely cheeks.

e.l.f. Blush in Candid Coral £3.75: I just ordered a blush from e.l.f. in the colour Blushin Rose – review’s on the way. I’m really looking forward to try it and if it’s good, then this will be the next colour in my collection. If you want this, or any of the other colours, then take a look on e.l.f.

TOPSHOP Face Sculpting Palette In Kick Start £12,50 (108DDK): Now, this is pricier than the other products but in defence it is a 4in1. This kit have creamy blush, highlight and bronzer. You can blend them or just use them the way they are. I think it’s a really great palette and it’s easy to take with when pack for a trip. If you’re interested in this beautiful kit – take a peek here.

The lips need some colour too.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Neutral Mauve $6 (£4): I really adore this colour. I haven’t seen the colour in real life but I imagine that it is a nude plum colour. I haven’t heard that much about NYX lipsticks, it’s more the blushes that’s in the limelight, but they have some gorgeous colours, see all of them here.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Tea Rose $5 (£3.30): I’m not the biggest lip gloss fan but I’ve heard some great things about these lip glosses and hopefully they’re not as sticky as many other glosses. I really liked this colour and it could work great over the lipstick. Take a peek on this colour or come of the others here.
One more thing about the NYX products – they are damn cheap!

Tools to set the makeup 

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set £3.75: To keep all of these makeup items in place all day I really want to try this spray. I have no idea if is works, but I have a feeling that it will. You can take a look at this spray right here.

NYX and e.l.f. Brushes: To put on all of these makeup items, you need some brushes. I found these from NYX and e.l.f. Blush brush from NYX $9.50 (£6.30), Shadow Smokie Fat from NYX $4 (£2.60) and the to blend the eyeshadow nicely in you can use the Blending Eye Brush from e.l.f. £1.5

Sorry if this post is a bit too long, but hope you like it and that it was useful.

Do you also make wish lists? Have you tried any of these products – what are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments beloooow! 🙂

Thanks for reading

Marie-Louise x

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