Review: Hand Creams

Review: Hand Creams

Hi everyone!

Sooo, this is my very first blogpost. I’m really excited to start blogging, because I love beauty related things and I want to share my experiences. I love to go down to the local beauty store and just go look and try on the different make-up, creams and so on. But enough about that – you can go and check “About” to see more.

My first blogpost is going to be about my favorite hand creams at the moment.
A little background to why I really feel that it is important to nourish my hands.
Firstly, I have been working as a diswasher and assistant in cafés since I was 15, so my hands have worked hard and been in water a lot. Therefore, they can look a bit worn and dry.

This first hand cream is from The Body Shop  it costs about £10 (86DDK) and is worth it. I love this hand cream for very dry skin and it is dermatologically tested. It helps to soften and protect your hands.
The only downside, for me, is that it is greasy and take some time to sink into the skin. It is a hand cream that you can use at night, when you are going to sleep. But it really works and if you can accept that, then go and buy it here.

The second and last hand cream that I just fell in love with is from Nuxe – it is the Hand and Nail Cream and it also costs approximately £10 (86DDK). This is a really lovely hand cream and is definitely worth the price.
Nuxe is a French and a natural origin cosmetology brand. The philosophy is: Beauty by nature. 

This is a hand cream that you can carry in your everyday make-up bag or just in your everday bag. It is not greasy but it is very effective. It quickly sinks into your skin so you can use it when ever you want to.

The one thing that attracted me to this cream was this text “dry and damaged hands” and my hands looked worn and damaged before I started useing this cream. They still look quite the same, of course, but they fell better and softer to me. If you want to fall in love with this product, then you can buy it here.

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Bye bye for now

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Review: Hand Creams